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I wish I could skip introductions and just give you a hug and a copy of PUBG so that we could get down to business but I feel that would not do you or me justice. Like most young adults who were born and grew up in the late 20th to early 21st century. Gaming became a culture, a way of life for me and many of my closest friends and family. It allowed us to bond, rage and connect with each other creating some of my fondest memories from early age. (‘images’ of broken hearts, TV’s and dial up connection)

My name is Jeremy (cue the glorious trumpets) I’m twenty years old and made in Australia. You can find me ‘outback’ but not literally it was just a silly pun. I am the Lord, Master, Daddy (if you’re more promiscuous) of Cheap Gaming Accessories and I would like to welcome you to our humble cyber home… so take a seat, throw up your feet and I’ll get you something to eat. P.S. you’re welcome…

Why I Started

Cheap Gaming Accessories started due to me being fed up with my friends, family and all you wonderful people being ripped off from there hard-earned cash. We live in an era where greedy companies don’t care about us the consumer anymore; taking advantage of uninformed parents and individuals who deserve better treatment. Most notably seen with the increasing amount of micro transactions in AAA titled video games with the likes of EA’s Fifa and Activisions Call of duty series.

These companies sell there games overpriced and half finished, increasing there revenue overhaul through later DLC content, worth more than the actual game in some instances. Now I don’t have a problem with DLC content but the base game has to be of high value in terms of content. And I’m sure that you agree with me when I say that DLC is additional content not half the game.

So before my passion overflows your brain and to keep things concise and nicely flowing. I basically just want to make a difference by helping to inform you all through recommending sites which I personally trust and think offer the best value for your money.

What We Do Here

So what do we do here? well it’s funny you ask because like the last brief paragraph above, this is specifically an affiliate website meaning reviews and recommendations of products and games that I and you will be researching, will be put up on the website so that everyone has access to “Cheap Game Accessories”.

Because gaming is a culture that we all love and enjoy. Yeah it’s a business and people need to make money however there is no compassion and respect for the consumer anymore and I hope we can instill that sense once again. So that everyone can enjoy the laughs, memes and good times.

Future Plans

In regard to future plans, the website is still in very early stages and I will keep you up to date on that through regular blogs, social media etc. However, the goals will be to ultimately put back into you guys with some commission earned through a little ad revenue which this site will hopefully be generating.

Outside of the website I plan to set up gaming tournaments which I will be hosting and purchasing prizes for winners, just to ultimately build a community sense where you will be able to set up teams, have fun with your friends, create memories and feel a part of something much more but stay tuned on this idea later…

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact me through my email or on this post and I will be more than happy to help.

Until we meet again,

Yours truly … Jeremy.


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