Battlefield WW2 (Releasing This Year!?)

Battlefield WW2 is releasing this year!

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After the huge success of Battlefield 1, it would appear that there is a new Battlefield game on the horizon.

Previous insider reports and leaks by a YouTube user, ‘AlmightyDaq’ suggested that the next installment in the famed first-person shooter franchise would be none other than the long awaited Battlefield Bad Company 3. However, this may not be the case…

Another YouTuber by the name of ‘LevelCap’, disregarded what AlmightDaq had said, stating that he had “his doubts”.

These doubts would arise, due to the fact that a few YouTubers are kept in “the know” with developer Dice’s upcoming plans and projects, being given hints by the studio in order to spark controversy.

AlmightyDaq then backtracked, releasing a follow-up video after other “YouTube Insider’s” claimed it to be Battlefield WW2. This would financially make more sense, after the success of BF1.

Above Video: AlmightyDaq Talking About What To Expect From BF2.

In the video, the main points AlmightDaq makes are:

  1. “It will be visually stunning” – We’ve come to expect this from such a title, due to the power of the “Frostbite Engine”.
  2. “Microtransations will be cosmetic only” – I hope this is true, as it would certainly spell disaster for EA if this was not the case.
  3. “Huge maps, with built on destruction from Battlefield 1” – A Battlefield D-Day multiplayer map, would be incredible!

Nothing else has been said apart from these leaks. We could still be getting Battlefield Bad Company 3 but we will have to wait for an official announcement, either from EA or Dice Sweden.

Whatever the case, I am extremely excited to see what’s in store for the next Battlefield. I’ve been a fan of the franchise since Bad Company 2, so I hope they keep on improving and innovating on its formula.

Stay Tuned For More Info

Be sure to see official information in the coming months. Details are expected to be shared at this years E3.

A solid release date has not yet been announced, however sources state that it will be sometime this year.

Other than that have a great day guys, take care and let me know your thoughts down below!


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