Biowares Anthem A Gem In The Making…

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I first saw Anthem during E3 back in June of this year. The gameplay was quite scripted which had me worried but the game looked beautiful, with the fluidity of controls catching my attention.

Now EA is the publisher… So this is why I don’t want to get my hopes up for this game as it is also online, meaning there could be real currency involved in-game.

Its too early to tell though, and all we know so far is that there’s gameplay and it looks cool as hell. Which is what I’m going to be showing you guy’s today, as well as interviews with the developers ‘Bioware’.

Avatar Meets Flying Exosuits – Gameplay And Setting

There hasn’t been any reveal or in-depth details on the story, setting or actual gameplay yet, as the game isn’t expect to release until fall of next year (2018).

Which leaves us to speculate from this gameplay video… Enjoy.

Above Video: Anthem Official Gameplay Reveal.

I like to think of the setting being that of ‘Pandora’ from James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, as it seems to show a physical barrier between the human civilization and the outside world.

Bioware describes it as a ‘shared-world action-RPG’ in which you and your friends as ‘Freelancers… leave civilization behind to explore a land of primeval beauty’. They also state a broad summary of what could be the story, ‘Seek to defeat the forces plotting to conquer humanity’, which for some reason has reminded me of the Destiny 2 campaign…

According to their official website, you can also team up with 3 other players. Where ‘victories and rewards benefit your friends’. I’m guessing it will feature a shared loot like system, which will help promote team play with your friends.

Customization options for your exosuits are also available. With each suit being equipped with different weapons, upgrades and abilities. You are able to further customize your exosuit through earning and crafting gear.

Anthem also touches on player choice. It seeks to implement a Mass Effect like system where the players choice ‘will irrevocably change you – and the world around you’. Which sounds pretty awesome to me, as it could hopefully invoke an engaging story, different notorious leveled factions and a PVP/PVE world which would be incredible. Imagine warring factions like in Planetside 2!

This is all personal speculation however, and we will have to wait for more news about the game to be released next year.

Iron Man In 2018

I am containing my excitement for Anthem at the moment, however what we have been given so far in terms of first looks is promising. I just hope Bioware can deliver more than what they did for ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’.

I hope you guy’s enjoyed this early look, stay tuned for more upcoming news on Anthem…

Let me know your thoughts down below and have a great day.



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2 Replies to “Biowares Anthem A Gem In The Making…

  1. This game seems Amazin I love my RPG open world games and mix it with iron man.

    It would definitely be one I will be interested in getting. To be able to have three roaming an open world together as well adds to the experience.

    Great article too by the way

    1. I loved biowares mass effect series, they make great story driven games.

      I hope that carries on to Anthem, so we will be able to enjoy this universe with our friends.

      Thanks mate, have a good one.

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