Blast Buildings In Crackdown 3 – Preview (Xbox One, Windows)

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When an open-world game meets full destructibility you know that you are in for a good time.

In Crackdown 3 you are the demolitions expert but not to a full extent…

Why you ask? because Microsoft has been having some set backs. However, I will elaborate more once we get into the preview.

Agents Of Mayhem – Story & Setting

If you haven’t played the early games basically the premise is you are part of a world agency, who’s sole task is to take down injustices in the world.

In Crackdown 3, you are thrown into New Providence an underworld like no other. Run by gangstas, mob bosses and corporate psychopaths. You are The Agent a ‘super-like’ human sent to bring justice to these unlawful doings, after a major attack was inflicted upon the metropolitan city by a new enemy known as Tera Nova’.

Your primary task is to take down these new crime lords who have overrun the city, bringing justice to its people. You will be taunted, ridiculed and put through hell throughout your experience, this is to create a hateful relationship towards the mob bosses like in Batman Arkham City.

Not much else has been said about the games story line, except that it follows 10 years after Crackdown 2.

Hopefully the story is more robust and fleshed out than its previous title. Delays have pushed it back till next year, so fingers-crossed they bring something special to the table.

Above Video: Official Trailer featuring Terry Crews.

Downscaled Destruction – Gameplay

The next thing I want to talk about are the setbacks. Crackdown 3 will have scaled down destructibility in the single player portion of the game, as stated by Gareth Wilson (design director at Sumo Digital).

On Eurogamer, he goes on saying that the reason for this is “the destruction didn’t work narratively. You’re meant to be saving the city.”

Adding that “Multiplayer is where the destruction is”.

I’m not particularly fussed that this is the case but I do understand that some people might not have access to online functionality, which can ultimately disrupt the ‘fun-factor’ of the game.

Crackdown 3 uses cloud computing to process all the destructible environments in the game, so it is recommended you  have Xbox Live whilst playing.

However, none of this impressive destruction really matters unless you have the sandbox and content to make it interesting and fun. So you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of vehicles, weapons and varieties of enemies to kill in both single player and online play.

Weapons such as the ‘Singularity Gun’ and the ‘Micro Missle Rifle’ both have unique and twisted qualities, similar to that of the ones in the Saints Row series. The Singularity Gun shoots out mini black holes to suck up enemies, whilst the Micro Missle Rifle shoots mini rockets but at a gatling pace.

Vehicles are bountiful with mostly an assortment of cars ranging from military to sports, tanks and helicopters. (please note that some vehicles are only available in the DLC post-launch).

Multiplayer is where the party is at in terms of freedom to the player. You can either play 4 play co-op in campaign and take down mob bosses with your friends or take it to the 100% destructible arena for up to 10 players.

Not much has been mentioned in terms of game modes but a behind close door gameplay preview by creator Dave Jones (E3 2017), showcases the ambition of this project:

Above Video: Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Gameplay.

Your Agent essentially has super powers and you’ll be able to level them up (like every other open-world game), allowing you to jump and traverse buildings at will.

Since your agent also doesn’t have a name at this stage, it would be safe to speculate that there will be some form of character customization implemented. This will further player choice and freedom, which we should come to expect in a sandbox focused game.

Computing Brilliance – Graphics

The developers at Sumo Studios have created something rarely seen before. Harnessing cloud computing in order to render fine details which physically and visually are impressive for a game.

4K capabilities mean better resolution for the Xbox One X and S, whilst hopefully allowing for 30 to 60fps (frames per second).

Windows PC requirements are not known yet but rumors about the minimum to recommended specifications can be found here.

Time To Blow Up

No set date for the game release has been issued however, expect an announcement coming in early 2018.

Crackdown 3 looks to raise the boundaries in terms of computing capabilities, and who knows maybe this will turn out to be the next big Xbox exclusive.

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Are you excited for this game?

I hope you enjoyed today’s article!

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8 Replies to “Blast Buildings In Crackdown 3 – Preview (Xbox One, Windows)

  1. This could be a fun game for my inner crime fighter to play! I’m all about something that makes me feel like I’m making the world a better place, and if I have superpowers while I’m doing it, even better, ha!

  2. This looks like an excellent multiplayer game. It always fun to be in a live match when suddenly the building caves in on you.

    You have to duck and dodge the falling debris. It makes the game much more life like. Not enough pvp games do that. Thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to this game’s release.

    1. Thanks for the comment Alex, nothing thrills me more than to see destruction turned up to maximum level. Seems like Godzilla has finally made human form.

  3. Can you imagine playing this game in native 4K using the Xbox One X the graphics are going to be outrageous and I for one cant wait, great article.

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