Bloodborne Essentials – Surviving Yharnam

Bloodborne Essential Tips!

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Bloodborne is a punishing game. For a beginner, it can become a struggle to survive the ancient city of Old Yharnam.

I recently downloaded the game for free, as part of the PlayStation Plus monthly games. I was excited but quickly found myself accumulating a death streak because to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing.

However, a couple hours later playing and researching, had performed wonders for me; subsequently allowing me to turn that death streak into a progression streak. Where I pierced my enemies eyes with fear (and my dagger).

Today, I will be sharing everything that I have learnt thus far with you, my students!

Tip #1 – Pebbles & Bullets Are Your Best-Friend.

The world of Yharnam is filled with mystery. Even the tutorials are hidden away (which I will be addressing soon).

Danger lurks around every corner and if you’re not careful enough you’ll find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation. Regular enemies tend to move in groups of 6 or 7, which can be a task to manage if you charge in head-first. Luckily during your travels you will come across rocks or “pebbles” that you can actually pick up.

DO NOT think that they are useless. Pebbles can used as a stealth tactic, singling individual enemies and drawing them towards you. This can be specifically useful when cutting through large groups of enemies, making the seemingly impossible… manageable.

Pebbles can be found frequently throughout the world.

In addition, dual wielding with a pistol and one-handed weapon can be extremely helpful! There is a special counter-combo that can be used when dual wielding, helping to stun larger enemies and perform critical damage.

To perform this stun move:

  1. Face an enemy who’s facing you.
  2. Wait for them to begin attacking.
  3. As they start attacking, pull L2 to fire your gun. That’ll stun your enemy in “a unique way”.
  4. If necessary, move closer to your enemy, so that you’re basically touching them.
  5. Hammer on R1.

This advanced move takes practice mastering but is a worthwhile starter move for beginners wanting to get a head start.

On a side note, if you run out of “Quicksilver bullets” you can actually create a thing called “Blood Bullets” by pressing ‘Up’ on the ‘D-pad’. Note, that it will drain a little health from your character.

Tip #2 – Tutorials Are Hidden, Passages Are Given.

When exploring the world of Bloodborne, you’ll find yourself coming across the path you think you have to take and the one you want to take.

The one you want to take will always bring you off the beaten track. This path usually has special items: that boost your XP gain, give you an advantage in the heat of battle, provide you with valuable information or (an implacably strong enemy).

Either way, the point I’m trying to make here is… EXPLORE EVERYTHING. Messages and hints are hidden in every nook and cranny in the game and will help you immensely during your play through.

For example, lanterns at front of doors mean there are NPCs to interact with and talk too. They will provide you with background information about the world or establish a side-quest for you to undertake.

Other players also leave messages for you to read before undergoing a certain section, providing you with more valuable tips.

Bloodborne Hidden Paths To Explore

Tip #3 – Spending Spree.

Don’t be afraid to spend! pimping out your character with cool new Armour and weapons at various vendors, will make your travels a hell of a lot easier.

Starting small and slowly building your character up is more beneficial, then keeping them small and trying to go suddenly big!

You’ll become frustrated with yourself and eventually give up on the game.

Tip #4 – Forget Reading, Watch Video’s!

For more depth and to see the above tips in action, watch the below video by “PlayStation Access”:

Good luck In Yharnam!

That’s it from me guy’s! I hope I’ve made your travels easier with Bloodborne.

If you have any questions, let me know below!

Take care and have a great day:)



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6 Replies to “Bloodborne Essentials – Surviving Yharnam

  1. Thanks for the great tips on how to play Bloodborne Essentials! Sometimes it’s not always obvious if a free game is gonna be fun or valuable and after reading your description I think I’d like this one 🙂

    1. If you like hard and challenging role playing/action games then this is a game worth checking out Penelope! It’s from the same developers of Dark Souls so you know it’ll add a ton of value!

  2. This couldn’t have come at a better time. My son downloaded bloodborne the other day and he was really interested in playing it but he ended up deleting the game. Why? He said it was too hard for him. He is 15 and doesn’t play those type of games much, he is a fortniteaholic, lol! So I am going to show this to him and maybe he will try it again. It is a really great game though it is a bit hard. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for commenting Melissa! I too have found it difficult, however its a game based on strategy and patience. If you’re willing to learn its intricacies then you’ll reap the rewards!

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