Call Of Duty No Multiplayer-fare!?

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Rumors haven’t stopped about the possibility of Modern Warfare 2 being remastered and up until this point we haven’t heard a lot.

I suppose that is a good thing, due to the fact that it gets people excited and wanting more information to be leaked…

However, this new piece of information has outraged the community and possibly sabotaged Activisions chances to ‘cash in’ on the famed sub-series.

There’s No Multiplayer??

According to various reports, there will not feature any multiplayer. Supposedly because the game is priced at $25 USD, which justifies the bright idea of taking out features.

Another possible reason for no multiplayer; Activision does not want to split the player base and remove potential revenue and attention from Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, which releases later this year.

The problem is, they’re too focused on what they want and not what the players desire. Although there hasn’t been an official statement from Activision regarding the matter, they would be wise to shut down the speculation and add multiplayer in.

Otherwise it’ll be another bumpy PR ride…

The Future Of Call Of Duty

With little innovation, mindless direction and over saturation. I believe that the franchise will surely fall in the next couple of years.

We’ve had boots on the ground, we’ve had space and we’ve had remasters.

The only thing that can save Call Of Duty now is innovation and a new take on the franchise. People will grow tired and move on.

Just take a look at the player numbers on PC:

call of duty WW2 numbers sinking

A prime example of their downfall.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

Do you think Activision made the right choice?

Thanks for reading today guy’s and have a great day!




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8 Replies to “Call Of Duty No Multiplayer-fare!?

  1. Good post. I come from the old school when Doom and Wolfenstein were the Shnizzle (lol) but as soon as EA started really pumping out the games it seemed like the price went up, competition went up and quality went down. It turned into a money deal for places like GameStop. Sorry but games are cool but they don’t put food on the table, keep you in shape or really do much more than keep you distracted from living. Kids dont make a lot of money so it’s on the parents to buy the games. My son has all the Call Of Duty games and likes them but says the same that its all overinflated as far as pricing goes.

    1. I totally agree with what you’re saying Dave, the market is oversaturated and the ‘hype’ just is not there anymore. I don’t get excited for most games anymore and it has destroyed my interest as the price point can become an issue for the value that it offers.

  2. I think that if you have a multiplayer game, you should offer multiplayer!

    I do not understand the kind of thinking that would ship a game out with bare bones. I would buy all the games in a series if I could, which is what makes DLC so popular.

    Maybe they are just trying to feel out the buyers?

  3. Having no multiplayer in this remaster will be PR Nightmare, yes the campaign is good but people mainly play CoD for the multiplayer if they do not fix this they will lose more player engagement.

    Thanks for the Info Jeremy.

  4. Personally, I play campaign mode, solo. But there are tons of other people who play it for the challenge. And multiplayer is definitely a challenge. I don’t know what kind of repercussions this will have, but they don’t seem good.

    We shall see.

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Jeremy!


    1. I hope this isn’t true as I would love to see multiplayer make a return! hopefully the developers prove us wrong! thanks for the comment Emonne:)

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