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I love going incognito, the feeling of changing your voice to make it sound “out of the ordinary” is exhilarating and funny as hell.

The appeal for me is being able to mimic and create some bizarre character that doesn’t make any sense.

However, this is only possible if you have the best quality software and sadly there aren’t many great voice changing software applications out there, until now…

Become Santa Clause – What Is Voice Mod?

Voice Mod is a free high-quality voice changer, which is compatible with most games and voice communicating applications like Discord and Skype.

You can use the voice changer in nearly any online game, with easy to customise options regarding what microphone you’d like to use, as well as changing your voice on-the-go.

Currently there is a free and pro version, which have some pretty big differences.

The free version limits you to 6 different voices but changes every day to add variety, compared to the pro version which costs $20 USD to have all the voices at your disposal.

There are 68 voices in total, all of which add enough variety and quality to be appealing. I personally like the ‘Harmony’ voice which adds a bit of spice into the mix and makes you sound like a world-class auto tune singer.

It also helps create some funny banter when playing with people online too, helping to enrich the experience.

There’s also options to add some ‘ambient effects’ helping to create a scenario with your chosen voice. For example, jingle bells ringing in the background if you select the ‘Santa’ preset.

Lets Listen To Some Voices

The above video is just a quick example on how to pick certain voices and use them in games like VRchat.

If you haven’t read yesterday’s review about VRchat, then you should check it out here.

Well that’s it from me guy’s, if you would like to download Voice Mod you can do so by clicking here.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions and have a great day!




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16 Replies to “Change It Up With Voice Mod!

  1. I’m not a gamer, but I have several friends that are. They would really like something like this because they try to change their voices “manually”. This product would make it much easier for them. I will definitely tag your website to them.

  2. Wow, this is so awesome, I will recommend it for my and for my friend’s kids. This is so amazing I never knew before about this change it up voice mod. My friends kids are game lovers and they will enjoy it for sure, will share this article with them and many others.

  3. Wow, this is fantastic Jeremy! This is such a brilliant product to download. I’ve always been fascinated by voice changing devices but never in my wildest imagination, such can be invented in high quality. I will definitely download this and give it a try. Super thanks bro =)

  4. This Voice Mod looks like it would be a blast to play pranks on people. You could really get creative with the different options. Thanks for writing about this, I had no idea it existed, what fun! =)

    1. Appreciate the comment Tammy! I’ve been searching long and hard for one of these for a long time and this is the best and most accessible one i’ve come across. Enjoy:)

  5. Hi Jeremy,
    I’m Juan, Product Manager at Voicemod.

    I just wanted to thank you for this fantastic review. We are working hard to make the best voice changer ever! 💪

    Go! Go! Go!

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