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Hey guy’s so in today’s product review we are going to be talking about the cheapest but most powerful desktop computers that I have researched for both gaming and work.

Most of these computers sit around the $600 price range, but I chucked in a couple higher end PC’s so we can compare the specifications.

In addition I might also if I have enough time, throw in a few gaming laptops because I know how most people for work need that versatility.

If you have any questions about the products I am reviewing, please feel free to comment down below or message me on my twitter @cheapgameaccess.

Lower Price = Higher Value – Desktop Computers

Now that we have introductions out the way… Let’s get down to business!

  • So the first item that I am pulling out my magic bag is the ‘SkyTech ArchAngel’ by Skytech Gaming. This gaming desktop computer offers great value with budget high end specifications, which allow it to run most games at full graphical settings.

Specifications include:

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050TI 4GB Graphics Card: Produces enough power to handle all games at Full HD, uses practically no power and is very quiet when in use.

AMD FX-6300 3.50 GHz 6-core: If you are on a budget but still want the best performance with processing power, the AMD FX-6300 is your go to item. This budget chip offers a decent CPU and is surprisingly very fast, reliable and doesn’t burn-up when wanting to overclock.

8GB DDR3 Ram: Some would say this is the ‘sweet-spot’ when it comes to RAM. The more RAM the PC has, the more programs it can run simultaneously; so 8GB is not 16GB or even 32GB but it is sufficient for most games on the market.

Other Specifications Include: A 1TB HDD (Hard drive), 24X DVD, WIFI USB and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

– The SkyTech ArchAngel is valued at $679 + shipping.


  • The second mid-range item that will be pulled out of my magic gaming bag today is the ‘SkyTech Shadow’ gaming desktop PC, it’s the Arch Angels cousin and features practically the same specifications except a downgrade in the graphics card and processing power:

Specifications include:

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 2GB Graphics Card: As you can see it’s not the ‘TI’ but it still provides that same quality performance which is needed for most games in 2017.

AMD FX-4300 3.80 GHz Quad-Core: Similar to the FX-6300 in the ArchAngel, the AMD FX-400 provides about a 4% downgrade in performance but is still equally valuable and reliable when it comes to high-end budget performance. You can learn more about how they compare here.

8GB DDR3 Ram: Exactly the same as the ArchAngel and will provide enough RAM for most games and work performance.

Other Specifications Include: 1TB HDD (hard drive), 24X DVD, WI-FI USB and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

-The the SkyTech Shadow is valued at: $641 + shipping.

Sky Tech


Now Let’s compare…

  • This next desktop is a ‘beast rig’ and offers the latest in high-end gaming. You can get even better than what I’m about to show you but we like to keep things sensible at Cheap Game Accessories. This is known as the ‘CYBERPOWERPC battlebox’ (sounds cool right) by CyberpowerPC and offers some excellent specifications.

Specifications include:

NVIDIA Geforce 1060 6GB Graphics Card: This graphics card is one of the latest from NVIDIA and is compatible with ‘Virtual Reality’ gaming. It provides above 3X the speed and power over the 1050 TI and is great if you want the best in PC gaming. You can learn more about the comparisons here.

Intel i7-7700K 4.2GHz: Provides perhaps one of the top performances in processing power for gaming. Overclocking over 100% in most cases and does it with ease. You can find out more about it here.

16GB RAM: compared to the SkyTech desktops you are getting about twice the power of the 8GB RAM. Allowing for the ability to run more high-end games at max settings and be able to do it for the next couple of years.

Other Specifications Include: 2TB HDD (hard drive), 120GB SSD, in-built WIFI, Liquid Cooling and Windows 10.

– The CYBERPOWERPC BATTLEBOX is valued at $1239 + shipping.


As you can probably tell the Battlebox takes the clear victory with specifications, but with it priced at $1239 + shipping it’s quite an ask, especially if you are just wanting to use it for general gaming and work.

Tech stores will try take advantage and sell these super-high end PCs to you but if you are in need of a gaming PC but can’t pay that price, the SkyTech gaming computers offer huge value and will practically let you play all your games at decent or high end graphics, for half the price. Hell my Laptop only has an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 860 and it runs things really well.

Now For The Laptops…

I will only be featuring two laptops today because I couldn’t find that many low price/high value gaming laptops on Amazon. However, I found a good one and a great one so that we can compare specifications and prices. So if you have time, let me proceed to educate you…

  • Our first pick of the technological litter is the Acer Aspire E 15. Now I know Acer isn’t the best company for gaming laptops but just hear me out. It’s got a fair price and it offers just a little less than the SkyTech gaming PCs.

Specifications include:

NVIDIA Geforce 940MX Graphics Card: This is why I specifically chose this laptop, because of this graphics card. Its designed for the laptop and provides longer battery life for work and gaming, adding about 4X faster graphics compared to other cards on the market.

7th Gen Intel Core i7: Shares similar processing power with that of the Cyberpower PCs ‘Battlebox’ and is perfect for running more than enough programs at once, adding to its reliability.

Other Specifications Include: 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 and a 15.6″ HD Screen.

Acer Aspire is valued at $679.99.

Acer Aspire Gaming

Here’s the comparison…

  • The ‘ASUS Rog Strix’ is a full HD, VR ready mean machine and offers a thin and light gaming laptop, as stated by its advertisement. This is probably better than the Battlebox and everything else I’ve shown in this product comparison review, so let’s get into the specifications.

Specifications include:

NVIDIA Geforce 1070 GTX 8GB: This sadly destroys the 940MX graphics card by a whopping 800%. The 1070 is the latest in NVIDIA technology, so it’s no wonder that it provides over 309FPS in most games! check out the comparison here.

Intel core i7-7700HQ: Is similar to the i7 used in the ASUS but provides about 42% more speed, as detailed here.

16GB RAM: Allowing for the ability to run high-end games and meet their specifications.

Other specifications include: 1TB HDD (Hard Drive), 128GB SSD, Hyper Duo-Copper Cooling System.

The ASUS Rog Strix is valued at $1599 + Shipping.

ASUS Gaming Laptop

As you can tell the ASUS laptop is the top quality and latest gaming laptop at the moment. However like I said previously you can still enjoy high-quality gaming and work performance with the ACER Laptop.

Smart shopping

I hope you guy’s enjoyed reading. Today’s review was all about spreading awareness and helping to better educate everyone on gaming PC’s and Laptops.

I am a strong believer that you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to get incredible value and use out of an item. The PCs showcased today were just a tiny percentage compared to what else is on offer and I hope you guys can take away from this going forward.

If you have any further questions you’d like to ask, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment below.

Otherwise, my names Jeremy and I wish you a very lovely day.

Take care guy’s!


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6 Replies to “Cheap Desktop Computers – Gaming and Work…?

  1. I like your review of products, they are well explained and clear although I’m not so fond of games. I would have desktop and laptop computers as I have at home.

    1. Hey Suzanne, I’m glad you enjoyed the review!

      Work laptops and desktops can be bought a lot more affordable with less intense specifications such as the absence of a NVIDIA graphics card.

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Jeremy,

    I was particularly interested in this review as I am after a laptop. I want one that I can use for both work and gaming.

    I have heard of Acer Aspire before. Disappointed to read that you don’t regard it highly when it comes to gaming. I’m not much of a gamer mind you.

    It does fit my budget as I don’t want to spend a lot. Is this laptop good to do work on as well?


    1. Hey Owain,

      The Acer is still a great laptop and I chose this one particularly because it offered value and had specifications needed for good gaming.

      Yes Acer is more known for its work laptops, and with the power this laptop has it makes a perfect balance between work and gaming.

      Hope this helped answer your question!

      Thanks Owain.

  3. Thanks Jeremy for a great review. This is just what I need to go through with my son. We’re looking for a low cost option for his first computer. So I have bookmarked this page as he has the attention to detail brain. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Fleur! I’m glad to be of help, it’s not easy finding the right kind of computer.

      It can become confusing with the amount that are on offer and understanding the different specifications.

      Let me know if you need any further assistance and i’ll be happy to help.

      Take care!

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