Co-Op Prison Game – A Way Out (Preview)(2018)

A Way Out Co-Op Only Game

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Above Video: Super Passionate Game Director.

Josef Fares lead game director on ‘A Way Out’, is developing a new IP which is both inspiring and ambitious, from a gamer’s and technical perspective.

This guy oozes passion and is one of the many reasons why I think this game has received lots of media and marketing attention for it’s March 23rd 2018 release.

Co-Op Only StoryTelling

If you haven’t heard of A Way Out, the basic premise revolves around two men ‘Vincent’ and ‘Leo’, whom are locked up in jail. With seemingly little hope for a fulfilling life outside of there cell, fate somehow brings them together.

In this co-op only game, you and a friend (either online or local split screen) must band together and devise a plan to escape the prison, fight off authorities and return to there respective ‘normal lives’.

You’ll consequently learn about the people who are important in there lives and discover complications between there relationships and friendships.

No more details have been released about the story as yet but EA is the publisher and microtransactions won’t be included so that’s a bonus, according to Josef Fares.

That being said expect an engaging and story driven game, as Josef Fares also directed ‘Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons’ which was highly critically acclaimed, receiving a 10/10 on Steam.

Above Video: A Way Out Story Trailer.

Dynamic Gameplay Elements

You have choice going into certain sections of the game and it’ll be up to you and a friend to stratergize on the best way to approach it.

Will you go in all guns blazing or do you take a stealthy approach? It’s completely up to you on how you complete a section and I think it’s this dynamic element which will create the most fun during players experiences.

It’ll be interesting experimenting with different approaches and only add to the replayability of the game, especially if there are certain rewards to be won.

Above Video: Different Gameplay Elements.

I’m Ready To Escape

The amount of passion shown from Josef about this game, makes me confident that it will be a unique and engaging experience. We don’t get many couch co-op only games and I can’t wait to share this experience with a friend.

The game will be cheap as well, retailing at $40 for gamer’s in Australia and around $20 for people in the US and UK.

Your friend won’t need the game to play with you online either, only one copy is needed to play together! which I think is great and an awesome start to 2018.

I will be updating this article, as soon as there is more information regarding the game.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below!

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10 Replies to “Co-Op Prison Game – A Way Out (Preview)(2018)

  1. I did not hear of it and it looks amazing. I am actually really excited now! I love co-ops but very often the co-op mode is just a small part and not really, you know, not fully developed.

    I actually never played a full co-op game and wonder now, why the heck not? Have you got any other recommendations for co-op games?

    Cheers bud

    1. Thanks for the comment Manny, this game is co-op only and that’s the great thing! You need a friend to play the game.

      There aren’t many good co-op games at the moment, due to publishers wanting to make more money through people purchasing more copies but a lot of games on the Nintendo switch offer some great co-op games, like super mario odyseey and mario kart. There are also mods for older games like Skyrim, called ‘skyrim together’. It allows you to play all of skyrim with your friends! Completely free if you already own the game.

  2. This is amazing, A Way Out looks like a game that I would love to play with my nephew who is a complete gamer. I am going to send this link to him and I know one of us will be back to read more on the new game by Josef.

  3. I always loved playing action adventure games, this seems like an incredible game. It is also cheap as well, most games are like $60 US when they release. I am looking forward to this game and few other games to play for my ps4 system.

  4. Coop? Finally! I have heard great things about brothers storyline but the control system being a little wonky. Do you know anything about the control scheme for a way out? It seems like it would be good if it’s offering split screen and coop online. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

    1. Since the games all co-op I assume that the split screen will allow for free exploring at players own leisure. They stated in a developers interview that they are breaking boundaries in terms of technical design, so I assume the control scheme will be done well if this is the case. They haven’t released anything official as of yet but i’ll let you know as soon as they release more news!

  5. Hey Jeremy,
    This game looks very interesting. I don’t really play games much but my younger brother does. Can you play co-op without the game through live or do you have to be both on the same xbox?


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