Comparing The Xbox One S And The PS4 Pro – Who wins?

Console Wars

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Raging console fanboys will love this article because it’s everything you guys love in one review.

Sony Vs Microsoft, both companies have released new consoles and it’s time to compare. Not because their is anything really to compare, they are literally just resolution upgrades… But anyway sit back and enjoy the review.

Now as you all may know this is an ‘Accessory Test’ review so we will be analyzing both consoles specs and durability based off their design.

Specifications Held Back From Old Hardware

Both consoles have essentially made small increases with their CPU power. However, they aren’t large enough to actually notice a difference.

The Xbox One S is largely the same as the 2013 model and runs all the exact same games as the original Xbox One. With the added 4K option, which only is useful if you have a 4K monitor.

In comparison, you have the PS4 Pro which adds a tiny 34% improvement when running games such as Project Cars, other than that it provides the same use as the original, plus the 4K and PlayStation VR option.

Another thing to add about the 4K guy’s is that it is not available on every single current generation game, meaning you won’t be able to access this resolution for all your games, only ones implemented with that option by the developers.

Here is a IGN comparison video to show the small graphical differences:

As you can tell these consoles are blatant cash grabs and are totally unnecessary to purchase, unless you want that added 4K resolution upgrade, PlayStation VR or the HD Blu-ray player with Xbox One S. Noting that PlayStation VR is sold separately, costs extra and doesn’t have many titles out for it yet.

Therefore, both consoles receive a minus 1 point for being so underwhelming.

Breaking The Stalemate – Design And Durability

Well now we have a deal breaker so how do both consoles look…

The PS4 Pro looks like a Tetris building that’s been given an added layer, as indicated by this picture:

 The PlayStation Pro Features A More Compact Design

It makes it look a bit chunkier and reminds me of nothing else except a standard PlayStation 4.

The Xbox One S on the other hand has copied the PS4 and gone for a slimmer design, with an added checkered grill, looks great…

The Xbox One S Has Down-Sized To A Slimmer Design

Moving on we now get into durability test. I decided because the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S are so similar, I will be showcasing a durability test of their original designs, just to highlight the fact that they are still made of weak plastic.

Above Video: ‘Wired’ PS4 vs Xbox One Durability Test.

As you can tell, PS4 lose to the brick design of Xbox One. A chainsaw is pushed through the Playstation 4, whilst also putting an end to the design debate.

Therefore, Xbox One S gains a point in this department, putting it in the lead over the PS4 Pro based on its strength.

I Do Not Recommend

Both consoles are basically the same as the originals in terms of specs with the added feature of 4K and Playstation VR. I can’t say that I would recommend these consoles if you already own a PS4 or Xbox One.

The PS4 standards are a lot cheaper than the Pro with Xbox One S being more affordable than the original Xbox One in most cases. Actual in game features are the same for both consoles plus you will save money if you don’t have a 4K TV.

Therefore, both consoles lose in this case and I’m giving them a cheap rating of 5/10.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below on what console you prefer?

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6 Replies to “Comparing The Xbox One S And The PS4 Pro – Who wins?

  1. I appreciate the honesty in your review. It’s nice to see that over some BS salesy stuff – people need to make informed decisions about what they buy from honest, straightforward pros and cons. Of course, opinions are opinions, but it looks like you have some expertise on the subject of gaming and gaming consoles. Kinda reminds me of when Apple releases a variation of an iPhone and it’s basically the same old thing.

    1. Thanks for the comment Penelope.
      Yeah I guess companies need to meet profit margins so they try adding little features which dont really add anything spectacular except a resolution upgrade.

      Then slap a extra $200 on top of that, when it runs exactly the same as the original versions.

      It’s a shame because they have the technology to provide real value.

  2. I’m curious on your thoughts for someone that only cares enough about graphics and access to games to upgrade years after they came out. I don’t play online or anything and I’ll never have a huge game library, I only play one game at a time then usually ditch it for the next one. Also note, the BlueRay thing is 100% unimportant to me for the Sony side.

    Any specific recommendation?

    1. Hey Craig appreciate the comment mate, well if you’re looking for replay ability and slight upgraded graphical old games. Xbox one currently has a list of backward compatible games from the original Xbox releasing soon. Which can be found here

      But in terms of power and what’s on offer currently, I believe the PS4 Pro has more power over the Xbox One S, but it doesn’t have disc backwards compatibility like Xbox. They base there’s off a cloud service.

      It just depends if you’d rather play Xbox or PS4 exclusive titles.

      Indie games on the PS4 are also quite good.

      If you only prefer single player and want 4K, I’d get the PS4 Pro. It’s a little more expensive but it’s single player exclusives are perhaps a bit better.

      You won’t find massive graphical upgrades in games compared to the standard PS4 or Xbox unless you have 4K on.

      Hope that helped answer your question. Thanks Craig.

  3. These new game systems put me in awe with just the graphics alone. I am an Atari era player and we would have gone nuts about these games back in my day. My question is can you play the same type of game on any system or does some systems have games the others don’t?

    1. Thanks for comment Ronnie, technology and gaming has evolved quickly my friend. Yes so most games will have the ability to play on all systems. Whilst there are others which are either Xbox or PS4 exclusive, such as uncharted for PS4 or Halo for Xbox.

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