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Hunt Showdown

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After the hype had disappeared with the likes of Crytek’s Crysis 3 back in 2013. The studio had vanished and went back to the drawing boards. Only to arise with what may seem the studio’s last stand at E3 of this year, a new IP (game) titled ‘Hunt Showdown’.

Hunt Showdown presents a very interesting concept, where the developers have mixed survival horror with a PVE/PVP world that involves a Battle Royal like system.

I had no idea this game existed until yesterday… so I thought it’d be a good time to share some details about the game with all my internet friends and provide a bit of a preview.

Hunting Down The Interviews

Above Video: ‘Techraptor’ interviewing creative director Magnus Larbrant of Hunt Showdown at E3 2017.

Essentially there are 10 main points that can be made from the video:

  1. This game was built off the companies previous free-to-play title ‘Hunt’ in 2014. Which featured four-player cooperative zombie slaying in a western setting. Learn more about it here.
  2. “We wanted to do a more high tension game play… game” this equals =
  3. A First Person, PVP, Survival, High-Risk + High-Reward game at it’s core.
  4. With permadeath guys…! Meaning if you die in game your characters gone forever. I’d like to imagine you’ll be able to create a new character though.
  5. Setting is Victorian Era… Very dark and dirty map setting. Magnus states that “we wanted to make it feel like dark realism” helping to better immerse players.
  6. Crafting with the ability to mount attachments to your weapons. More info on weapons can be found at there official website here.
  7. Different types of PVE enemies such as hell hounds and zombies.
  8. Players will be fighting to complete a main ‘bounty’ objective. Which could be to kill a mutated creature cross human and send it back to hell, whilst also having to deal with other online players.
  9. Single Player and Co-op have only been announced. Meaning you can go in to a match by yourself or with another friend.
  10. Choices make up a big part of this game. You have got to to be actively thinking on your feet to survive.

Hunting Down The Bounty…

Above Video: ‘IGN’ alpha game play with more detailed information about the game
My thoughts are that game play looks very fun with some absolutely stunning visuals and gun models…

This is only an alpha build so I hope they have enough content to keep this game running for a long time, once it releases next year in 2018.

The concept of a hell ridden Victorian setting definitely is unique and it’ll be interesting to see how fps fans react. It seems it could be steering towards a more hardcore shooter/survival market.

Let me know in the comments section down below, on your early impressions of the game.

Hope you guy’s enjoyed reading this quick preview of Cryteks new IP.

Will keep you up to date as more details are released.

Take care guy’s and have a great day, as always!







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