Days Gone The Next Big PS4 Exclusive

Days Gone

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Days Gone is the next big thing, and I’m not just saying that. If what the developers say is true than this should be the next big blockbuster in gaming, providing the players with finally a great open-world zombie game.

Today I will be taking you guy’s through all the details and game play shown about the upcoming game, which is releasing in early 2018.

What Is Days Gone?

Days Gone is a third-person ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ cross ‘The Walking Dead’ style of game developed by ‘Bend Studios’, where you play as a man called Deacon St.John.

Deacon is a rebellious biker who is trying to find his way through a post apocalyptic zombie world, which has been ravaged by a global pandemic 2 years prior.

It has left the world in taters, with bandits and the infected population known as “Freakers”. Which are scattered throughout the land.

Freakers hunt in packs, being fast, relentless and nearly unstoppable. No more details on the story have been shown as of yet but you can read about it in more detail here.

Above Video: Days Gone Story Trailer.

Killing Zombies And Surviving – Gameplay

According to ‘Trusted Reviews’, Days Gone will feature “Elements of combat, crafting and exploration into its core game play”. Which will be needed to tackle the harsh environment.

Missions will also feature alternate paths in order to complete them. With dynamic weather influencing the way zombies, enemies and wildlife react. For example cold weather makes zombies stronger, whilst decreasing the activeness of bandits and other survivors.

Deacon also obtains a motorbike which will help players traverse large terrains in order to get to different destinations. No more details have been shown that indicate you can customize his bike however.

Above Video: Days Gone Official Gameplay.

The Pandemic Is Upon Us

I hope you guys enjoyed this very early look into Days Gone. To me the signs are extremely positive so far and I hope another great PS4 exclusive is delivered.

I am working on a Destiny 2 review which should be out by tomorrow but I will keep you guys posted.

Take care guy’s!






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