Destiny 2 Another Disappointment – Review (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

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I hate having to return games guys, but when the developers don’t deliver on there promises, treat their fans with respect or provide enough content to keep player’s invested during launch. Then this is the conclusion in which I must come too.

Destiny 2 has plenty of potential and that’s what makes it hard for me to trash this game. This could be so much more for a $60 game, look at Warframe a free to play title which offers twice the content and story that Destiny does. Both games share a similar sci-fi premise, except the only difference is the developers of Warframe ‘Digital Extremes’ care about their fans.

I played the PC version of Destiny 2 which is supposedly the ‘best version’. However, their have been problems reported for many PC player’s which I will be getting into.

Immersion Breaking – Story

I was generally excited to play the Destiny 2 story and learn more about the universe, as it was largely absent in the first game.

In saying that though I was unmistakingly disappointed once again. Previous to the game’s release I truly thought the developers were going to give us an interesting story line like the fate of Earth laying in all the players hands, fueled with an all out war between Guardians and the Cabal.

It does seem like that for the first hour! with ‘Ghaul’ (main villain) and his army of ‘Red Legion’ Cabal invading Earths last city and taking control. They claim the guardians light, taking away everyone’s powers including yours. You feel a real sense of danger as you are thrown into a pile of wreckage, clutching your bloodied ribs.

All the initial building of my anticipation is than quickly crushed 15 minutes later when you instantly get your light ‘power’ back, in an opening mission which made no sense whatsoever. The strange thing is none of the other NPC Guardians have there light for the whole game. This broke the immersion for me, as the logical thing to do would be to literally take them to the source of where you got your light back?

Above Video: Story Trailer… Actual Game Does Not Play Like This.

It’s a bullshit of a story which is average at best, resulting in you fighting dumb generic mole rat looking enemies for around 6 hours. You can finish it even quicker by literally running through all the enemies without even fighting anything, in order to get to your next objective.

Above Video: ‘Kit Bush2’ Highlights The Enemy AI in Destiny 2.

Raids, PVP and Free-Roaming – Content

Don’t get me wrong there seems like their is plenty to do at first with raids, public events, PVP, free-roaming and side-quests but it starts to get old quickly, once you start spending more and more time with the game:

Raids and Strikes are essentially boss fights which you play with your friends in order to gain rare RGN (randomly-generated-loot), which builds the premise for destiny 2’s leveling system. The raids are meant to add ‘epic end game content’, which they do and I’ll admit I had a lot of fun but it quickly turned into a frustrating chore. As you kill wave after wave of bullet sponge enemies in order to take on the bullet sponge boss. Don’t get me started on the ‘Leviathan Raid’…

Public events also get tiring with random events popping up on maps. You’ll get even bored with these as you fight the same boss and enemies over and over to obtain average loot.

PVP was perhaps my favourite, with 4v4 battles and modes such as capture the flag and team death match, its satisfying taking down enemy players with your different power ups and abilities but I feel more player’s would’ve enhanced this feeling.

Free-roaming leaves you empty inside… You look at 4 generic worlds which all look similar in design, with small linear sections combine with open land areas, which are filled with the same enemy grunts. The size of these areas create a large problem too, as you aren’t given a vehicle straight away and have to earn it through RNG. Running will thus become your primary transport.

Side-quests are replaced with a mode called “Adventures”, they provide a break between main missions. You’ll earn extra XP through these missions, helping to break up the grind. They range from search and destroy, to the opposite search and defend missions.

Above Video: ‘MWEB GAMEZONE’ 10 Things To Do In Destiny 2.

Leveling Past Max Level – Mechanics

Destiny 2 contains three classes for each character, which offer a MMORPG like progression system. The classes include Warlocks, Titans and Hunters. All of which have their own unique sub classes and abilities.

Subclasses offer distinct ‘Super Abilities’ which in turn provide different passive abilities suited to that subclass. (Confusing I know)

  • Warlocks can heal other player’s and contain three sub classes. These are ‘Dawnblade’, ‘Voidwalker’ and ‘Stormcaller’. I chose the Dawnblade class which gave me a flaming melee weapon as my super ability, along with flame grenades and passive abilities such as being able to dodge mid-air.
  • Titans can place down ‘Barriers’ to protect themselves, with their sub classes being ‘Sunbreaker’, ‘Striker’ and ‘Sentinel’. The Sunbreaker subclass provided me with a throwing hammer as my super ability, whilst Sentinel gave me a large shield to protect myself or throw at my enemies.
  • Hunters can use ‘Dodge’ which also reloads their gun and boosts their melee damage. Which you can combine with a subclass such as ‘Nightstaker’, ‘Arcstrider’ or ‘Gunslinger’. The Hunter class was perhaps my favourite, as I was able to be more agile and take down enemies with my Nightstalker special ability.

However, skill trees aren’t as deep as I would’ve liked and don’t have many options besides your main subclass super move. It may have been better for the developers to focus on just the main classes rather than branch off in order to add ‘shallow’ variety.

Please note that because of the randomly generated loot this is a grinding game, and their is a quite complex leveling system. Complex in the sense that once you hit max level XP wise, you can than keep leveling up your ‘light’ rank through the gear you acquire. The better the gear after max level, the stronger your character becomes.

Above Video: ‘GameSpot’ what class is for you?

Textures And Colour Pallets For Days – Graphics And Sound

I’m just going to be straight and say that this is probably one of the major positives to this game. Some locations in Destiny 2 are beautifully detailed, with large biomes and vistas littered in the various worlds backdrops that it really drives that sense of scale.

In other cases such as the ‘Hub area’ you do get surprisingly low textures, which makes you think if the developers were being lazy or ran out of time. As open doors are filled with black and vegetation looks weak. Despite this hiccup though, it was still a joy to look at.

My PC is not the best and is quite low-end with a 840M Geforce GTX, but the world still looked and ran great on lower settings. I had a few bugs and texture pop-ins here and their, but I was able to run at nearly 60 frames quite comfortably. On console (PS4, Xbox One) you have 30FPS(Frames Per Second) 1080P HD, with 4K available for PS4 Pro or Xbox One S.

Sound is also very solid, especially with the guns. You really feel like your bullets do damage and hit their target with intent. Voice acting is also high quality and lip-synced well, no problems in that department. Music is also done rather well but sometimes plays during inappropriate times… (passive music during a battle).

Above Video: Graphics Comparison between Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Will You Save Earth?

For me I’ve given up on Destiny 2 and Earth. This game takes a forward step in almost every aspect compared to its previous title but it has also takes a few backwards in the process.

News about player counts dropping significantly and hundreds of PC player’s being randomly banned, highlights the lack of support and effort Bungie has put into this game. They try to sell ‘end-game content’ when their isn’t enough current game content to provide value for mine or other player’s money.

The story is solid and average at best, the class progression isn’t deep enough and the different worlds are nice to look at graphically but are just boring interactively with dumb generic AI. Raids are probably the only thing going for this game and that’s only if you have friends to play with.

I criticize Bungie because I know what they are capable of making, Halo is one of my favourite franchises and I just think they’ve gotten greedy.

Therefore, my final cheap verdict for Destiny 2 is a 6/10.

I hope enjoyed this review. Leave a comment below if you’d like to ask me any questions.

I’ll leave a link below if you would like to purchase Destiny 2 and also if you’d like to download Warframe for either PC, Xbox One or PS4.

Have a great day and take care!


Links for Destiny 2 on Amazon:

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4 Replies to “Destiny 2 Another Disappointment – Review (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

  1. Honestly, I haven’t played that game, but it’s dissapointing when some franchises create games for the first time, and they are a success, and then the part 2 are lame. I think, because of the rush to make more money, they get out of ideas, to finally think of something boringg or stupid. They should think better the ideas for a better video game

    1. Thanks for the comment Jamie,
      It’s even more of a shame when we have the technology now to make amazing games, but too much is spent on marketing and finding ways to fool the customer into buying extra content.

  2. I hate when the game previews look completely different from the actual game play. You are right, HALO spoils the average video gamer. Thanks for saving me the time and eventual disappointment of Destiny 2 ! Much appreciated !

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