Do YOU Need A Standing Desk For Gaming & Work?

better posture from standing

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How many times have you been told in your life that too much sitting is bad for your health? 10, 20…

The truth is we like to ignore the facts, pushing them under a carpet like broken toy’s never to be seen again; until years later, when the carpet or yourself can’t contain the truth anymore.

The FACTS are that we as humans function better when we are standing. We were never built to sit! The Victorian Government states that sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to increased risk of “Depression, Anxiety, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Joint Problems”.

Therefore, reducing sedimentary behavior improves your well being and way of life! So why not try going natural, with stand-up desks!

Built  For Your Natural State

Why sit when you can stand and why stand when you can sit. Stand up desks provide flexibility and variety.

Built with a manually adjusting frame, sitting or standing is made quick and easy; wiping the need to have a quick ‘stretch brake’, at an office job or gaming session.

The frame is light and easily adjustable too! providing an easy to handle desk, without having to remove all your items through the use of ‘levers’.

Levers work to lower and raise height for user suitability

They are perfect for any working environment. One that is healthy, and with the added potential to also boost productivity and cognitive processing, as highlighted in a study conducted in 2015.

As I sit here and write this accessory test review, I am ashamed of myself for stooping to this unnatural state. The curvature in my spine is protruding and I think I’m going to need some saving #MTVpimpmyspine.

Enough about me though, we need to get down to business. The fact that you’ve come this far means we are all in this together. (queue the music).

Gaming To Your Full Potential

This is a gaming website, so of course we have to add how a change in furniture improves our experience.

In all honesty, I believe that standing helps to keep me focused and more alert compared to when I am sitting. It only makes sense that sitting (like lying down) decreases your awareness and brain activity, as you are in a state of rest.

I know I’m being biased but you can’t tell me that all great inventors sit down when they come up with a great idea.

For example I assume Ajit Pai was sitting down when he got brainwashed by the telecom company’s (who I assume were standing). Call me a conspiracy theorist but I think their’s some merit to believe that the illuminate had something to do with this…

But I’m not the only one to feel more engaged, when gaming and standing up.

A blog post by ‘Kirk Hamilton’ at Kotaku wrote that he played games for “2 months standing up” and besides the pain from “standing barefoot for long periods of time” stated that “playing while standing keeps me just as engaged as it did when I first started out.”

Meaning that not only are you more invested into the game but you are also reaping health benefits too; such as weight loss, as standing allows your body to digest food efficiently and incorporate more working muscles. Resulting in a higher rate of energy burned.

Work Horse Capabilities

In terms of work, the benefits are massive!

Already in schools, classes are being fitted with these specific desks for students to use. This is to help minimize the sedimentary life and promote a better lifestyle for 21st century kids.

I always find that when I stand, I procrastinate less. According to some psychologists, people who procrastinate; often search for trivial tasks to do when facing a difficult task.

This could make sense in some scenarios. (As previously mentioned above) Sitting increases the risk of developing depression. Meaning that if you are sitting for too long, then it could be likely that procrastinating and trying to contain a stable mental state could become more difficult.

(please note that these are just my personal assumptions and should not be taken purely as fact).

Your posture will be greatly improved from standing at a work desk too. Neck and shoulder pain will decrease, allowing you to save some money; from going to your local chiropractor or masseuse.

better posture from standing

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Have a great day guy’s and look after your backs!







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14 Replies to “Do YOU Need A Standing Desk For Gaming & Work?

  1. Haha! I love the highschool muscial you threw in there!
    I gotta say that you hit the nail on the head. there are so many things that cause neck and back pain these days. I to think these are a great way to prevent that. I never considered it for gaming though. that’s a pretty good idea! Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jason! It’s a great idea, as more and more people are sitting these days. This could really help balance out the negative health effects in my opinion!

      You’re welcome mate, take care:)

  2. Hey Jeremy. Lovely article. I’m not one to game for hours per day so it’s no issue for me when I play. However, I work and I blog and in work we spend about 8 hours sitting down and I definitely agree that it makes me tired. Then we just end up drinking too much caffeine to stay awake. I’d definitely love to get one of those desks in work so I can alternate between sitting and standing.

    1. Thanks for your comment Joe! I’m glad you’ve taken some interest in standing up desks because like you just mentioned, it’s good to have both those options whilst still being able to be productive!

  3. I love standing workstations. Sitting is death! Very funny that you brought up Ajit Pai, would be killer of net neutrality, and blamed his body mechanics for his terrible decision making. Thanks for all the suggestions in reviewing which standing desk is right for me.

  4. I have always known that sitting for long periods of time was bad for you. When you stand though, you are a lot more productive. As soon as I can afford it, I plan to get a standing desk. There is something to be said for the person who stands while they work.

    I do have a question though. If you have no other option but to sit, what could you do to minimize the negative side effects of sitting? I look forward to hearing your answer. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a great day!

    1. Hey Alex the best thing to do if you sit a lot is, set a time (every hour or so)when you get up and do some stretches or excercise. This is to help keep the joints moving otherwise you’ll feel stiff and lethargic from my experience!

      Hope that helped answer your questions Alex:)

  5. Great post Jeremy!

    I will admit to gaming while doing dishes lol. Just keeping my controller nearby and then jumping back in when I can (mostly doing this when game characters are riding in elevators or have long cut scenes). So I do understand the benefits to standing up while gaming and I think that a standing desk is probably a really good idea for anyone who is online gaming or writing posts!
    If I have to sit for very long, I set a timer to make sure that I get up and walk around a bit, but I agree that we are built for standing.
    Thank you for the links!

    1. Thanks for your comment Irma! It’s interesting how standing can be so beneficial compared to sitting. I’m glad that you found this useful:) have a great day!

  6. I have been begging my office to get me a standing desk for over a year now. This was a great review. I’m going to show this to my boss before we break for the holidays. We can call it handing in my Santa List – not a moment too late! Thanks for this post 🙂 also I enjoy your writing style. Thanks for the quick access to Amazon too! Saves me lots of time in providing the info to my boss. Cheers!

    1. Hey Ashley, I’m glad you’re inspired to show your boss! It really helps people who has to sit all day long… hopefully your boss will come through for you:) take care!

  7. Great post! I sit around 5 hours a day at my office at work and am really considering a standing desk. Sitting for prolonged times can be draining and only makes me more tired. Standing would definitely be a healthier alternative and I feel like I could get more done! Thanks Jeremy!

    1. Thanks for the comment Robbie! It also helps improve your posture and keeps you mobile, you’ll feel that you have more energy when you stand rather than sitting constantly!

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