Does Playing Video Games Affect Your Brain – Have You Got Special Powers?

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Have you ever wished that you inherited that special finishing move in a video game? The ability to fly or to have laser vision like superman in Injustice 2… Well now you can! Sort of.

In today’s article I am going to examine and explore the idea of how playing video games can affect your brain. You will see what I have to say, what the scientific researchers have to say and what you guys have to say… unless you can mind read, then in that case I hope you enjoyed this article 🙂

Gaming and Me – How it has helped shape my life PS4 Game Controller

Now I’ve been a gamer for about fifteen years predominantly most my life and what I can say is that in terms of brain development, it has changed me.

Mentally gaming has given me a place where I can escape reality and let me be that powerful being that I can’t always be in real life. It taught me that you can turn every challenge into an opportunity and that opportunity can be the drive needed to get me through a real life situation. I feel like that’s where I inherited my competitiveness and passion for everything I seek to achieve in my life.

Playing video games have also broadened my imagination allowing me to dream big and write big things. I believe that imagination has helped me to better communicate with you guy’s and surrounding people. My thoughts are that playing games allows you to keep your mind open to different idea’s and perspectives, why allowing yourself to make your own mind up based off what you see and hear. This can then transfer onto how you interact and view the world around you.

Video games are not just entertainment they contain stories, stories which can teach you moral life lessons. They aim to bring an emotional response from the crowd and make you feel connected to the characters and the troubles that they combat in their lives, as some of it can directly relate to yours.

I remember when I played “The Last Of Us” for the first time, it is perhaps one of my favourite games of all time. The way Joel lost his daughter in the first opening minutes made it believable and heartbreaking. You didn’t feel like he was a super hero bad ass that gave you unlimited power, he was just a man. A human being and like you and me, contains the human spirit which turned him into a super hero with super powers and the will to live.

What The Researchers Say – An Expert’s Opinion

Although much research is still needed to determine what playing video games does to a users brain, scientists suggest there is a causal link between perception and cognitive processes.

In a study by Daphne Bavelier & C. Shawn Green in 2011 these processes where put to the test to see if they had any beneficial effect. They had participants play various ‘action’ games such as ‘Unreal Tournament’ where combat was specifically face-paced and high octane. They discovered that playing these type of games resulted in heightened behavioral benefits such as vision-attention, increased reflexes and perpetual skills. Meaning people who play video games regularly have been found to be better in these areas’s compared to some people who may not play video games on a regular basis.

This research has led to being able to improve the visual skills of individuals who suffer from “amblyopia” which in other terms is known as “lazy eye”. Helping individuals achieve improvements through regular rehabilitative practice. It was also mentioned that specific training was used to help increase the hand-eye coordination when helping train surgeons.

Research even in 2017 is very early with negative effects such as the link between video game addiction and some anti-social behaviors still not fully recognized as a psychiatric condition. Research reports suggesting that internet addiction may be instead linked to these anti-social behaviors. However, more solid evidence is needed for a greater understanding in the future.

You can out more about this article and study here:…

Above video by “AsapSCIENCE” on how video games can make you smart? Check it out for more scientific information.

Have Your Say – Do You Have Powers?

Now it’s your turn, do you have a story to tell? respond to my questions below or say how you feel in the comment section below, it’s totally up to you. I will be interested in reading your responses!

Do you play games?

How do you think video games effect someones brain?

Have video games benefited yours or someone you know’s life in anyway?

I’m off to enhance my cognitive skills now.

Hope to hear from you guy’s soon,  and as always take care!:)




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10 Replies to “Does Playing Video Games Affect Your Brain – Have You Got Special Powers?

  1. I remember when Zelda first came out. I played and played almost become like a zombie until I finally bear the game about 5 months later. All my time was devoted to the many many hours spent playing.

    1. haha I don’t blame you Brad especially when it’s a game that good, and with ‘Zelda Breathe of Wild’ which came out not too long ago I’m sure you can find a lot more reasons to possibly go back.

  2. Hi Jeremy, I agree with you and I think that gaming has made me more ambitious with a belief that I can achieve anything I want.

    With a few words I am more determined than before but I guess that there are some negatives too. However, we can deal with the negatives if we make a balanced life.

    1. Hey Illias thanks for the comment mate appreciate it. 

      Exactly your spot on, I believe it can really give you a whole wide range of beliefs on various topics both personal and external, helping to benefit us in one way or another. 

      Yeah right on, everything needs to be balanced in life. Too much of anything can have negative affects such as work or partying, but once it’s balanced you start to see and gain the positives.

      Take care and hope you have a great day!

  3. First thing first, I’m not sure if this is because my computer is slow or if your page has too much media but it takes a little while to finish loading properly.

    You might be right about video games giving us an open mind because we are introduced to a lot of fantasy, similar to comics.

    The part I really found interesting was what the experts had to say, to think that playing video games helps to improve skills necessary for becoming a surgeon!

    Very interesting article, keep it up!

    1. I appreciate the comment and thank you for the technical feedback Aldane I will take a look into the matter asap!

      Yes I was amazed when I found out too! To think that games help train some people to save lives is very cool and quite frankly incredible…

      Thanks mate, hope you have a great day.

  4. This was an interesting article. I think we tend to see more information about the potential negative aspects of gaming. It makes sense that online gaming can promote creativity and eye-hand coordination. I think that as long as you are balancing your life and not letting the gaming consume your life then it can be a positive thing.

    1. That’s exactly right, too much of anything can cause a lot of problems for anyone. It’s important to maintain that balance and not get fixated in a virtual world. Gaming to me like any hobby, is a great way to distress and wind-down after a productive day.
      Thanks Marsha.
      Take care.

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