Dragon Ball FighterZ What To Expect… (Preview)

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Preview

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A new Dragon Ball game has finally hit shelves and I couldn’t think of no better time then to preview this bad boy!

I personally have not picked up this game yet, due to Bandai Namco’s previous track record of mediocre Dragon Ball Z games. However, after doing some research and looking deeper into what’s on offer here, I can confidently say I will be giving this one a go!

Made For The Fans – Story

Developer Arc System Works in conjunction with Bandai Namco Entertainment, have made good use of the Dragon Ball Z license this time around… producing a game that both creatively and gameplay wise, does justice for the fan favourite anime TV series.

Near perfect cutscenes and art direction are said to be a welcomed sight in the story line, according to many reviews but sometimes can become tedious; due to the need to keep clicking the ‘X’ button in order to continue.

Without going to far into the stories detail, it is said to revolve around the emergence of Android 21. A new character whom threatens the world’s existence, as clones of the characters former selves evolve from all corners of the globe.

The story is mainly told through the perspectives of Goku, Freiza and The Androids plus a whole cast of other popular characters. However, recent reviews suggest that it’s nothing to get excited about, as repetition can become an issue.

It should also be noted that there’s the ability to level up characters, increase their moves/abilities, unlock different versions and collectibles.

Above Video: Dragon Ball Fighter Z  Story Trailer (Don’t Worry It’s Also English!).

Kamehameha!! – GameModes

In Dragon Ball FighterZ their are two main modes, with the ability to also enter training grounds and practice combos.

The first mode is your classic “Versus Mode”, and features couch split-screen. You’ll be able to choose from a roster of 24 available characters and fight it out with your friends. It’s said to be a ton of fun and can even equate to small tournaments between a group of your friends! (nothing better than that old-school King Of The Hill).

The second mode is your “Online Mode”, which lets players battle it out in different scenarios. You’ll be able to join, watch or create your own lobbies; allowing for a competitive arena. You can have up to 64 players per lobby! (Character avatar customization is also available).

Need a bit of practice? well how about the “Training Arena”. Where learning new combos for different characters and unlocking new items is achieved through a controlled pace.

Above Video: Dragon Ball Fighter Z Gameplay. 

Is It Easy? – Gameplay

Yes according to Arc Systems, whom created a more accessible control scheme for casual, intermediate and expert players. They’ve achieved this through an option called “AutoCombos”, which simplifies the special combinations to a few buttons; rather then having to learn or remember a sequence of many buttons.

It provides newbies a way of transitioning into the game, helping to balance the online functionalities (just like training wheels). You also can turn this option off if you’ve grown too “powerful”, enabling the more advanced players to maximize their abilities and play-style.

Gameplay is reported to be fluid and solid, being some of the best in the series. The fighting and iconic environments mimic that of the TV show, with the 2D/3D elements providing some gorgeous interactions with the backdrop.

Above Video: The Difference Between Auto & Manual Combo’s.

The Best Part?

There are ZERO MICRO TRANSACTIONS, everything contains in-game currency ONLY to purchase new abilities and skills.

This gave me hope for the future, and I am glad that these publishers are giving fans what they deserve.

Make Your Mind Up

Thanks for reading guys! leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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8 Replies to “Dragon Ball FighterZ What To Expect… (Preview)

  1. This takes me back to my childhood days playing Dragon ball Z for the first time on PlayStation 2.

    I love the in game currency addition also.

    I’m so amped for this release. Great post

  2. Great preview. I’m interested, but still on the fence. I know you are going to give it a go, so I’ll wait for your review to tell me if it’s worth buying. Thank you.

  3. Hello Jeremy, thanks for another wonderful blog as always. I am a huge fan of the Dragon ball anime, especially DBZ Abridged. I was playing against my little brother in Dragon ball Xenoverse not too long ago, and it kicks ass!!! I have seen a preview of Dragon Ball Fighterz today at Walmart, and it caught my attention. I plan to cop a PS4 soon, with Dragon Ball Fighterz and Gran Turismo Sport (I am a huge Gran Turismo Fan as well). Thanks again, and keep us updated!!!

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