Earning Money With Esports Tournaments

Battlefy allows anyone to set-up Esports tournaments for free!

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Recently I’ve found that the YouTube gaming scene is too overcrowded. “Let’s Play’s” dominate the market and if you are not inventive enough, it can seem like no one will watch you…

Luckily there are other ways around this, which still allow you to make money even if you are not a professional gamer/youtuber.

Esports is still in its early stages, and with only Elites entering the limelight it can seem quite daunting for new comers wanting to have that as a future option.

However, fear not if this sounds like your situation! because I have the solution…

Being The Small Time Organizer

Have you ever wanted to start your own Esports competitions but didn’t have the platform to make it a scheduled organization?

At Battlefy this is made achievable through the very sophisticated interface which the website specifically uses. Here you can create tournaments, matches and a whole entire Esports organization from the comfort of your bedroom. (sounds pretty cool right?)

It gets even better though, because anyone can join these tournaments. They simply create an account on Battlefy, register a team and sign up for your tournament.

From there you can customize when matches are scheduled, who verses which team, the game which will be played and streaming services used to broadcast to an audience.

After matches you and participants will be able to see statistics on how they and their team went. You can also use this information to analyze, post to social media and announce top players…

Its free to become a tournament organizer, and takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and start setting up your own tournaments for everyone to join.

Above Video: Battlefy Trailer.

Don’t Feel Like People Will Join A Free Tournament? Well How About An Added Incentive… Money Prizes!

Battlefy features a payment system, which allows you to create tournaments involving an entry fee. You’ll have to fill out an application first though, so you are verified.

Once you’ve been accepted, everyone who registers for the tournament via the entry fee will automatically be given the chance to win prize money based off your description.

Please note that Battlefy handles the money, meaning they will distribute the winnings to the tournament winner and yourself after it is over. The bigger the tournament the more money you could potentially make. More can be read at their official blog here.

Payment is made through PayPal whom take 20% of the entry fee. For example if you want to make the entry cost $10, then players will have to pay $12.

So now that’s all sorted, you’re now ready to go forth in your Esports journey…

But Wait! Don’t I Need To Host A Server In The Actual Game?

This is the part where you’ll need to do it manually for games on PC such as Counter Strike Global Offensive, Insurgency or Team Fortress 2.

There is also the option to pay for a server and have it already set-up for you. Servers usually cost around $18 to rent or buy but it usually depends on the provider.

If you are planning on setting up tournaments for games like Call Of Duty then you don’t exactly need this option but having a server makes things more streamline for your tournament.

To set-up a tournament for CSGO (Counter Strike) and other games that use steam dedicated servers, you’ll need to watch this video:

Above Video: How To Set-Up A CSGO Server.

If you’d like to skip this all together and just invest in buying a server, then GameServers is the go to place. From here you can buy servers which have been pre-made for a large variety of games. However, they can get quite expensive, as you’ll be required to pay a monthly fee.

recommend watching other video’s and creating free dedicated servers which you control, in order to avoid having to pay a hefty fee. You’ll also benefit from learning the in’s and out’s of how servers work, enabling you to customize matches on the go.

This in turn will improve participant satisfaction and make your tournaments more appealing. Trust and confidence with your consumer base is everything, so you want to know your organization better than anyone else.

Time To Have Fun

The main thing is to just go have fun, don’t stress over trying to make everything perfect. The tools are now at your disposal, so use them the way you like.

Literally any game with multiplayer capabilities can be used to set-up tournaments, this provides you with the freedom to pick the games you want to host.

Want to still win money and participate but not host?

I have recently set-up an official amateur Esports organization named FanComp. You can find relevant competitions from yours truly, in the coming weeks or days. I only have one server for Counter Strike at the moment so expect this to grow in the future.

Matches will be edited and featured on YouTube but stay tuned… I have so many ideas that I think you guy’s will enjoy and have fun with, so have a chat with your friends and organize a team!

I hope you guy’s enjoyed this article!

Hopefully we can play some Esports in the near future. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Take care and have a great day!






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6 Replies to “Earning Money With Esports Tournaments

  1. As much as I enjoy watching other players duke it out to win, I prefer to play the game myself. That is why my friends and I at UC Santa Cruz play super mash bros.

    At times, it can be monotonous. I think, though, it would be much more fun if we had a cash prize to play for. Battlefy sounds like an excellent platform to use. Thank you for introducing it to me through this well written article. I appreciate it Jeremy!

  2. Hey Jeremy,

    I’m new to the gaming world, so I’m lost on a lot of this stuff. This Battlefy sounds like a really cool idea! Something that I would definitely like to participate in, but I’m worried I don’t have enough experience to jump in.

    Is this something that any skill level can do or is there a tutorial program or training for beginners? Something like a walk-through or step by step guide?


    1. Yeah for sure Jason! there’s in game tutorials on how to play the game or you can play at your own pace against bots depending on your skill level and game. For example Counter Strike allows the user to verse bots.

  3. I like the idea of cash prizes.
    My friend’s computer wasn’t equipped for a couple of games so he had to get another graphics card to play. Do you need a particular gaming/graphics card for any of your games?

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