Far Cry 5 Tips To Improve Your Game

Far Cry 5 Survival Tips

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Far Cry 5 is an amazingly beautiful yet dangerous place, full of crazy cult worshipers and ferocious wildlife.

Therefore, its best to stay equipped and ready when venturing into the Montana County.

Today in ‘How To Win’, we look at the many ways that you can increase your chances of survival. Through banking checks to saving damsels in distress. (puns intended).

Tip #1 Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is perhaps the easiest and most efficient way of gaining perk levels for your character and gaining a ton of cash too!

You’ll find the little ‘diamond’ icon by saving civilians in the area and searching for relevant information in small houses.

From their you simply head to the mission start where it will instruct you to find a way inside the building or wherever the treasure is located.

I have scored a ton of money for new weapons, vehicles and outfits, as well as perks to upgrade my character.

If it feels like things are getting repetitive than you can switch it up and liberate outposts, which grant you access to interesting side missions, providing you access to new unlocks like weapons and cosmetics.

Tip #2 Complete Challenges

Completing challenges are a ‘multi-tasking’ way of gaining plenty of perk points and leveling your character in Far Cry.

I like to think that skinning animals, catching fish and trying to take down a bear with a stick of dynamite is a sure way of earning hard-earned cash, whilst also experiencing all that the world has to offer.

It’s a great way to do two things at once and the challenges are varied enough that completing them feels natural.

Tip #3 Friends…?

If you don’t like playing alone or you get a little scared of the big bad world, then having an online friend or AI specialist by your side makes the whole experience just that tiny bit easier.

You’ll be able to complete the whole campaign with your friends or join their game and earn money/ perk points to help you out in your game.

The co-op experience is set up to provide a new level of fun and enjoyment to the gameplay and with the varying AI allies having different abilities. The world as a result becomes that much sweeter.

Joseph who?

Hopefully you gained some new-found knowledge, that will hopefully help you tackle the world (not the real world).

If you have any questions please leave them below!

Thanks guy’s and have a great day:)


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12 Replies to “Far Cry 5 Tips To Improve Your Game

  1. That was some good and helpful tutorial tips to get into far cry 5 game. and definitely must know advice for any newbie or want to play at first time, with exciting and interesting experience !!

  2. Hi Jeremy,
    That is a great overview of the game.
    My eldest son is a big fan of this game. He can spend hours of playing and upgrading characters and weapons. I know for a fact that it is a great experience to play this game in cooperation with your friends.
    When I will have a little more time I will definitely try this game myself!

  3. These tips would help my buddy and I out a lot. We play with each other all the time, but we could both be so much better.

    I do have a question though. My buddy is not the best when it comes to bears. Do you have any advice for him? I do not know what is, but he always loses to them in single player. I look forward to reading your answer.

    Thank you so much sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Sticks of dynamite Alex. Or anything explosive. If you want to be more quiet however, climbing on a roof, box or cage will make you invincible to the bear as it cannot climb objects. Headshots also work very well.

      Have a great day mate:)

  4. This are great tips!
    I haven’t found the time to play this awesome game but i enjoy watching gameplay and i noticed most of the players sure needed these tips. They just went at it headbutting enemies and getting their butts kicked, still fun to watch but to continue with the missions, exploring sure is rewarding!
    Once i sit and get to play it i will use your tips! So thank you for helping out other gamers, specially the new ones to Far cry 😀

    1. Thanks for the comment Erin! Their pretty basic tips but make a huge difference when your looking for quick ways to earn money and level up your character!

  5. This is a very good guide, I was kinda in a boring stuck game and almost about to quit.. but thanks to you I found the courage to play one again and with this guide I can have alot of fun and find challenges again!

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