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Farcry 5 is nearly here! preview

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You’ve played it all before, since the release of Far Cry 3 Ubisoft had crafted an open-world formula that became stale and dry by the time Far Cry Primal rolled around.

The stories of the games were different but the very mechanics that made the open world, remained largely the same…

Luckily Far Cry 5 takes chances, improving and altering the formula rather than taking the ‘easy route’. Creating a game that is hopefully more refreshing and immersive than recent instalments.

Same Story, Different Narrative?

Eden’s gate; a charismatic cult and a mad man as it’s leader. Sound familiar?

Far Cry 5 on this level is similar to its counterparts, swapping out lead roles and changing the setting but ultimately keeping the basic premises the same.

In this 25 hour campaign; you will build and customize your own character, form a resistance, fight bad guy’s and save the community of Montana, USA from the clutches of “The Sermon” Joseph Seed.

The idea for the story, reminds me of “Jones Town”.

Jones Town for some you who don’t know, was a ‘religious’ community/cult that was set up by a man named Jim Jones. Evidently things didn’t turn out the way they should’ve and a massacre sadly occurred:

Obviously I could be wrong but it’d be interesting to see if there were some real backstory influences for Far Cry 5’s story.

More Guns And Freedom

Gameplay has changed this time around, with the introduction of a new buddy, vehicle and navigation system that influences the way you play and discover the world of Montana.

The buddy system can either be online or offline and entails different companions to help you along your journey to restore peace in Montana. This can either be with friends or the in-game AI that you meet during your playtime. Want a pet bear? you can have that too!

Vehicles like previous games, involve a variety of American muscle cars, 4W drives and water vehicles. There is also the added introduction of planes, air combat and strikes. This hopefully adds a new dynamic to gameplay, changing the way situations can be approached by the player.

Navigation is less revealing in Far Cry 5, mimicking a similar map style to Skyrim. You must go out to discover new points of interest, rather than it already being marked on the map. This will help engage players and create a more RPG-like element.

Guns are obviously riddled in Far Cry, so you won’t have any dramas finding a large assortment when playing; especially when it’s set in the USA.

When & Where Is It Available?

Far Cry 5 is available worldwide on the 27th March 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Standard Edition – $60 USD.

Gold Edition – $100 USD (includes season pass)

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