FIFA 18 A Step In The Right Direction… Review (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


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EA has released another one of it’s biggest sporting franchise games to world, with the addition of FIFA 18.

Now I was a bit scepticle going into this review because I haven’t bought a FIFA game since 2013. Now that’s not because I don’t think it’s a great game or franchise, its just because they’ve all been so similar in terms of innovation and mechanics, that it feels like a copy and paste of past year’s with a tiny tweak and a little upgrade in textures.

Leading me to think that, you know what would be a great idea? if they just made it like destiny and kept releasing a big DLC patch each year to save people buying the same thing over and over.

Thankfully though there is enough variety in game modes, offline and online to keep you invested especially when you’re playing with friends in online tournaments but more on that once we get into the review.

The World Game – Content

FIFA 18 has all the games previous modes, plus big welcomed content add-ons with the likes of the returning two players ‘Guest Play’, and all new ‘Squad Battles’.

There is also ‘The Journey’ which continues on from the last game with Alex Hunter. No spoilers here, except the story is a bit bland and the decisions you make don’t really effect the story in any way, shape or form. Leaving you feeling like the implementation of giving players a choice is unnecessary. It is average at best and a disappointment that its not one of the games stand outs.

Furthermore, there is the returning career mode with a realistic negotiating system added. (I was in a cinematic negotiation with Lionel Messi and it was awesome, although I couldn’t afford him). This coupled with a more streamline user interface and you’ve got a recipe for hours upon hours of replay value.

Above Video: ‘youtube:MGH’ How Transfers Look and Work.

Now onto the good stuff. Guest Play which was featured in FIFA 17 disappeared from this year’s installment, leading to an outcry from gamers. Luckily EA listened to the negative feedback and put it back into the game “immediately”. It gives players the ability to play two player couch co-op in online FUT seasons against other players, and adds so much fun and screaming to be had with your friends. (so many missed goals…)

On the topic of missing goals, it should also be noted that a recent patch by EA to iron out bugs and other game play issues have been making things very hard… In terms of scoring goals and AI defenders making things extremely frustrating at times. However, hopefully these issues will get reverted and fixed as soon as possible. You can read more about the patch problem here.

The greatest game play mode however, has to be the new ‘Squad Battles’. Now the normal ultimate team is practically the same with the introductions of ‘FUT Icons’ which are essentially all the greatest old football/soccer players of all time such as Pele, that you can acquire and use in your team.

However, in Squad Battles you build your ultimate team and enter a weekly single-player mode where you verse other players AI teams from around the world. You climb the leader boards and earn rewards as you win, with more difficult community squads equaling a better reward. It is a perfect game mode for people who don’t like playing online in ‘FUT Championships’ and provides players the ability to play at their own pace. Find out more on ‘Squad Battles’ here.

Above Video: ‘youtube: MGH’ Squad Battles More Detail.

Online play with your friends includes up to 22 players! which is also very fun and entertaining when trying to coordinate moves and tactics with everyone.

Ronaldo Looks Life Like – Sound And Graphics

EA’s FIFA has always been highly regarded for its graphics and atmospheric sound, and FIFA 18 is no exception. Powered by Dice’s ‘Frostbite Engine’ and ‘Real Player Motion Technology’, the game looks and feels incredible. It is by far one department where EA gets it right, delivering some awesome visual spectacles which help enhance player immersion.

Sound is also equally fantastic with roaring crowds and chanting helping to build that anticipation and anxiety, especially in close matches.

Now the frames per second and resolution on consoles hit 60fps with 1080P HD or 4K if you have a PS4 Pro or Xbox One S. Compare this to PC where you can have all the above plus more, with fps ranging above 60fps depending on your computers specifications. Please note that I am playing on PS4 and it can be a little laggy and stutter at times, most notable when online, so make sure you have a decent internet connection.

Above Video: FIFA 18 VS FIFA 17 Graphics Comparison

Microtransactions… Not Again – Mechanics

FIFA is also the birth place of EA’s microtransaction experiments, most evidently seen with the likes of EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 1.

Now I’m not going to go on a rant because I already have in my post here, but just know that they are in full force here and to me personally, they ruin the game. EA makes in excess over a billion dollars from microtransactions each year from their sporting games, so it’s no wonder that they are now testing them in their first person shooters.

However, in light of this the game plays and feels more realistic and tuned. Not everyone will like how it feels however and I’m aware everyone has their own preferences based on previous games.

You can change the controller layout and button mapping based on what feels best for your play style, with the ability to do tutorials and practice different moves through drills.

All in all the mechanics are what you expect from a FIFA game, they are tweaked a little but mostly feel similar and familiar to previous titles with added realism.

Above Video: ‘youtube=aMSN Football’ Freekicking and Penalty Mechanics.

Take Your Team To Glory

FIFA 18 is a great game with some big additions and some disappointing ones, its an awesome sporting franchise and deserves to be enjoyed with your friends. However, with the ongoing introduction of microtransactions I cannot fully support this game, therefore my final verdict for FIFA 18 is an 8/10.

FIFA to me is a social game so if you have plenty of friends and family, you’ll have a lot of fun here and won’t be disappointed, just watch out for those FIFA coins!

Links for the game will be down below for all platforms…

If you liked this review or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below.

Take care guy’s and as always have a great day!


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6 Replies to “FIFA 18 A Step In The Right Direction… Review (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

  1. Wow, amazing review. Similarly, the last FIFA I bought was back in 2014 because, just like you said, I felt they were pretty much the same game year after year. I never saw a major improvement in gameplay or graphics, but that definitely seemed to change.

    Thanks for an awesome review. I can’t wait to check out your other posts!

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