Fortnite Fans Want Xbox One & PS4 Crossplay

Xbox One Ps4 crossplay fortnite

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It seems everywhere I look, there is always some inclining of gaming news related to Fortnite.

However, it ranks pretty well in search trends so I guess that’s what you guy’s like reading about!

In Today’s News

Fortnite is once again in the spotlight, due to the fact that there is a possibility of cross-play between PS4 & Xbox One.

Fans have wanted the ability to play with Xbox users, since the introduction of cross-play with PC and now mobile players. (although Fortnite hasn’t been released on mobile just yet).

Xbox One’s CEO Phil Spencer expressed keen interest on Twitter in wanting cross-play with PS4 but it seems Sony is taking no part, they are yet to respond.

Phil Spencer wants crossplay between PS4 & Xbox One

Epic Games Want To Make Sony agree with Xbox

From a technical point of view, it isn’t impossible to have cross-play between the two competing platforms as previously suggested or believed. Epic Games stated that it’s actually “rather easy” after an ‘accidental incident’, where there was cross play between the two warring consoles back in September of last year.

Another example is Rocket League, with cross play expanding between Xbox One, PC and Switch.

Sony could benefit from cross play if they had a change in heart, an increase in player count on all games would in turn serve as an additional revenue stream for titles that they have exclusive licenses for.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you think PS4 should give in and partner with Xbox?

Let me know below!

Take care guy’s and have a great day:)





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