Fortnite’s Upcoming Mode Is Chaotic! (March 8th)

Fortnite 20 player limited mode!

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Hey guy’s! today is going to be a super quick article as I’m busy working on a couple other projects, that I will be describing in more detail soon.

However, for now all you need to know is that there is a new Fortnite limited time game mode that is releasing sometime tomorrow!

What kind of game mode you ask? well how about 5, 20 player teams battling it out to be the last team standing.

You’ve had a taste of 50 V 50 previously, which was somewhat of a mess but they’ve kept listening to player feedback! so hopefully this new mode will be an improvement in the “big team battles” department.

20-Player Squad Mode Is Limited

Just like the recent installment “Solid Gold”, 20-Player Squad is a limited time ONLY mode.

We don’t exactly know the time frame for how long it will last before being removed but in some instances the limited modes run anywhere between 1-2 weeks.

Improvements are based off feedback from the previous 50 V 50 mode, including:

  • Being able to see all team-mates on the map, from the very beginning of a match.
  • Better coordination then comes as a result.
  • Equaling improved team play and funner matches!

What’s Next?

On the horizon, we see that the possibilities for new modes are endless!

Talks of a new and improved 50 V 50 mode is making a return, as well as a blitz mode.

Blitz mode is rumored to be the next upcoming limited mode, bringing short and fast paced matches for continual action.

Enjoy The Present!

Have a great time playing the new mode! I will be locking myself in my room for the week, so don’t expect to hear from me.

Let me know what kind of mode you’d like to see!

Have a great day guy’s:)


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  1. Hello my dear friend,
    As I’m new to all these things, can you suggest something for my 11-year old daughter. Her birthday is imminent, end of this month. She asked me for 11 gifts. She wants a mobile phone as well. I’m sure you can help me on that. Thx.

    1. IPhones are great for first phone users as they are easy to use! I think your daughter would love a IPhone SE or IPhone 6 as they are on the cheaper side too!

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