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Learning games for kids can be a great way to keep them motivated and keep things fun and new. However it can be quite the task when their are so many free learning games out their for kids.

Therefore, I saved you the trouble of going through the endless lists of educational games and reviewed some of the best for you to enjoy.

I will be covering games from both the app store and the internet, so sit back, relax and get ready to learn.

The App Store – A Blessing In Disguise?

First off I am going to be talking about educational games on the app store, because I feel like they may be a little underrated in terms of value and delivery. It is true that most educational apps have to be paid for in order to get the full value from the product, but their are two main ones that are truly excellent and offer a ton of value.

I have personally used these apps and believe they are a fun way of breaking up the repetitiveness of school work or learning a new skill such as language.

Duolingo – is a language app developed by Duolingo Inc. The app was released to the world in 2013 and earns its current top spot as the best free education app. It has 23 languages to choose from and you can start learning instantly… YES 23!

I am currently learning French where their are 76 stages to go through. You start with the basic’s such as Bonjour “Hello”, Au revoir “Goodbye” and work your way to more complex sentences and stages. In each stage their is lesson’s to complete which cover a certain amount of words that you have to learn.

You gain in app currency and points for completing these lessons, which you can use to purchase new items or lessons if you’d like to learn more of a languages local ‘slang’ for example.

Learning is kept fun and interesting through word and picture matching, finish the sentences, pronounce the words, and have conversations with AI bots in your specific language. There is so much on offer for a kid, parent or anyone curious enough to learn a language that it is a must try in my opinion, IT’S ALSO COMPLETELY FREE.

Cheap Rating of 10/10.

Kahoot! – is a free learning game for kids and students on the Apple App Store. It offers players the ability to create their own study playlists, allowing them to challenge their friends or other players in the world through an innovative multiplayer system.

The multiplayer offers games of multiple choice where selecting the right answer on a particular question or topic gains you points. Please note that their is an added timer, creating more urgency for quicker thinking and decisiveness. I even made rash decisions because I didn’t know an answer to a question leading to me hitting the wrong answer countless times. (It helped me learn and adapt to the content more quickly)

You gain a gold, silver or bronze medal depending on what you came at the end of the match, with statistics showing how many answers you got right compared to your friends.

Subjects range from literally everything from maths to astrology with all ages and difficulties taken into account. Please keep in mind that navigating can be a little difficult at first but once you wrap your head around the interface you will be able to discover anything you want.

It’s an awesome app and makes learning really enjoyable, especially if you are breaking it up between study or school work. I highly recommend giving this one a try because their is plenty of free content for you and your kid to indulge in here.

Cheap rating of 9/10.

The Internet – So many choices…

These next two websites can be found completely free on the internet and are specifically targeted towards the younger generations.

Please note that their are literally thousands of other sites like these and you may find better ones, however these two are the ones I have played, used and recommend.

Knowledge Adventure – hosts a plethora of free learning games for kids. They are age specific meaning they are aimed at kids between the ages of 4 to 12.

Subjects help categorize games for each age with literature, mathematics, science and animals being the focus. You’ve also got musical activities thrown into the mix, which allow me to finally start somewhere in becoming musically literate.

There is so much variety with different games that if you don’t find one to your liking then their are literally hundreds of more varied games, that target one specific subject area. My only problem was that because their is so much content it may be hard for younger children to navigate pages, so parent and teacher assistance is advised.

Cheap rating 7/10

The website can be found here –

Kids learning games

Cool Math – Now Cool Math is directed at math and algebraic games only. It’s in my opinion one of the funnest and most enjoyable websites for kids and offers a large amount of educational value.

Focusing solely on problem solving and critical thinking, it has ranging levels which can be quite the challenge trying to complete. As you progress through some of the levels, they will become harder and even put my brain to the test.

In addition there is also plenty of easier games like owning a virtual lemonade stand. In this mini game you will have to distribute earnings evenly among resources before each day in order to not go bankrupt, which is quite fun to play around with.

Navigation wise, it is simple and easy and you shouldn’t have a problem at all when trying to find a maths game which suits your student, child or kid.

Cheap rating 8/10

Cool Math website link –

Free learning games for kids

This Is The End…

I must go and rest my brain now…

But in all honesty I really hope you found this review helpful for all the parents, students and scholars out their.

I try my best to put in as much value and insight every single day into my articles for you guy’s, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Story Time:

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Take care guy’s and have a great day!




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4 Replies to “Free Learning Games For Kids – The Good Ones

  1. I had Duolingo, but did not use it much and ended up removing it.

    It was not because I thought it was bad. I just didnt have the time to get to know it. I didn’t realize that it was a game? I’ll give it another try as like you, I originally came across it because I wanted to learn another language.

    For it to be a game will make it more interesting. This post made me want to download it again.

    I will also take you up on your suggestion to try out Kahoot! Not for my kids, but more for me. I think this game could be nice to have for in-between breaks when I’m at work or at home blogging.

    Thanks for this post. I’m glad I came across it.

    1. Hey Marco appreciate the comment.

      It can be hard to find the time in order to sit down and physically do it like you said. My way of combating that problem and staying motivated to consistently do it, is by doing 5 minutes each day and then not touching it until the next day.

      It’s a game in the way that it has a progression like system and mechanics which give you the options, instead of making you write constantly in the case of learning the traditional way for example.

      Kahoot! is very broad and is great for pretty much anyone wanting to sharpen up on some general knowledge in their spare time. 

      Thank you for reading.

      Take care.

  2. I know you wrote this for helping out with kids learning, but I find it helpful that as an adult, I can also benefit from the Duolingo app.

    Due to my working hours, I can never find the time to attend language classes. Just started on the app and looking forward to learn something new. It’s easy to use, it’s free and fun to navigate. Hopefully, I can speak in Japanese someday.

    1. Thanks for the comment Cathy! Duolingo is a great app to learn many languages completely free! it’s the best app I have found so far!

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