Gambling And Lootboxes, Why Society Says No

Lootboxes are a predatory practice...

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Recently their has been a lot of fire being built around Star Wars Battlefront 2, a game which has promoted the quote on quote “Pay To Win Progression System”.

One which heavily and relentlessly pushes loot boxes down the throats of children and consumers wanting to play this beloved franchise.

To the point where angry gamers, Star Wars fans, Disney and even countries governments banded together, in order to boycott, shame and investigate the greed which EA had evidently put themselves in.

All Over The Internet

You have likely heard about the pay to win gambling mechanics in Star Wars Battlefront 2. If you haven’t then check out this video:

Above Video: Lootboxes explained in SWBF2 by ‘Gamespot’.

Basically the main points being made are:

  1. Certain Iconic Heroes are locked behind a “Pay-Wall”, meaning a certain amount of hours of grinding is needed to unlock them for free.
  2. Players can purchase crates to unlock random loot, which can give them a competitive edge over other players.
  3. Loot is random, mimicking that of a slot-machine.
  4. Can’t customize your class to your liking.
  5. Progression is tied to these loot boxes.
  6. The way it is presented is “predatory”.

The problem is this system is too confusing, with player calculations concluding that to unlock everything in the game; it would take around 4000 hours or $2100. Please note however, that due to fan outrage EA has turned microtransactions off temporarily until a later date. No one can buy loot boxes with real money for now…

Its still a terrible system, one of which has caught the very attention of the Belgium and Hawaiian Governments.

Gambling Authorities Have Said Yes

Soon after launch, Belgium gambling authorities officially announced that they were running an investigation into Star Wars Battlefront 2, to see if it did in fact have gambling qualities.

They are still investigating but it’s likely that the answer will be yes, with Belgiums Minister of Justice Koen Geens concluding that “Mixing gambling and gaming, especially at a young age, is dangerous for the mental health of a child.”

Not only that but the Hawain goverment had also made an official statement regarding the matter, which saw a public stand against mobile gambling mechanics in AAA games.

Above Video: “This Game  Is A Star Wars Themed Online Casino” – Chris Lee.

As of writing, more countries are beginning to join the fight against this unobligatory practice. Such as Australia, The Netherlands and some states in the USA.

This is a huge win for gamers everywhere, as we have sent a strong message to EA and other big gaming companies that these type of fraudulent business practices aren’t acceptable.

In My Opinion

Gambling and loot boxes don’t mix, when you provide a service for someone to enjoy and then charge them $60 ( or more in other countries) then you are sending a strong anti-consumer message to your fans.

Gaming 10 years ago used to be about making the best game for the players to enjoy. However, with the industry and technology growing a new generation is coming through.

One of which investors want to capitalize and make more money than they can handle. In other words they want to monetize this new market of children and get them accustomed to seeing gambling mechanics in both mobile and big AAA video games.

These big companies and you see it more and more now (mm net neutrality) are the definition of what’s wrong with the world. Greed is consuming the Earth to the extent that it’s every man, woman and child for themselves.

These large corporate suites don’t care, we are like their lab rats to run tests on. We need to stand together before they become the norm for future generations.

This is ridiculous. I’ve waited more than 10 years and I just want to play a good Star Wars Battlefront…

Until next time.

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8 Replies to “Gambling And Lootboxes, Why Society Says No

  1. If I wanted to gamble, I would go to a casino. Micro transactions with EA and other companies should be stopped in entirety. Games lose their fun when they no longer have something to strive for. You might as well just use cheat codes like in Grand Theft Auto. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Exactly Alex that’s a great point, games are meant to provide challenge and a sense of accomplishment.

      Not the ability to provide someone the best gear by paying real money.

  2. Hi, yes I agree that it’s very irresponsible to introduce or even allude to gambling in any games aimed at Children! It’s quite shocking!

    I love this website and have bookmarked it, I’ll definitely be back : )

  3. I am saddened to see that the gaming industry has gone this way my son plays on his xbox and i seem to always be paying for upgrades or DLC packs etc not sure if this is the same thing ? However I think the cost of these games is already massive so i think the online add-ons should be stopped also. Good post hope it gains some traction in this arena

    1. Yes this is the exact same thing James, whenever you’re paying extra money to buy cosmetics or extra content it’s microtransactions which most developers put in to make extra money.

      The crazy thing is investors now think we are paying too little for games! Which is crazy in itself. Hopefully it gets dealt with sooner rather than later.

      Appreciate the comment mate.
      Have a good day.

  4. Well said man. Especially your last sentence.

    As a gamer myself, there is nothing more annoying then having to put up with greedy gaming companies trying to hustle me out of MORE money. I already bought the damn game and pay a monthly gaming network service fee. What more do you want.

    Some of these company leaders that make these overall decisions, don’t even play the game itself, they just help run the company. They sit at big round tables brainstorming new ways to rip people off.

    Thank you for standing up for the little guys. It’s people like you that keep these money snatching pricks in check.

    1. Thanks for the comment Drake, I think what these big company CEO’s need to realise is that if they give the fans what they want then they will reap the rewards. For example the witcher 3, GTA and red dead redemption were hugely successful because of these reasons.

      Appreciate your time to comment, have a great day mate!

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