Gaming Gift Ideas For Kids, The Return – Christmas Special Part 2

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Guess whose back… chka chka slim Santa.

It’s a wonderful Xmas day and nearly a month to Christmas. Yesterday I made a part 1 to this Christmas special blog series, which you can find here. I focused on board and video games, which were highly recommended by the Amazon community.

However, today we will be focusing specifically on gaming consoles and technological accessories. So grab a small fluffy animal, I’m holding my dog (her names fifi), and Let’s get rock’n’rolling.

The Addiction Is Real – Gaming Consoles

If your son or daughter has requested a video game console for Christmas then I won’t lie, you’re in trouble. Its very amusing to me now because I once was that kid, who got really excited when he opened something shiny and electronical…

(I’m kidding, I’m still like that)

In all seriousness though, they can be great for family entertainment with your kids and provide heaps of value for many years to come.

1. Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) – I’ve always been a big supporter of Sony, ever since I was given a PlayStation 1 as a gift when I was about 5 years old from my Uncle. Fast forward over the years and I’ve had free consoles given to me from the company, after malfunctions and (accidental falling) off shelves.

The PlayStation 4 is just made for gamers by gamers and features an easy to use interface, plenty of indulging indie titles (small developed games), amazing console exclusives such as Crash Bandicoot and Little Big Planet 3; plus a lot of mature-rated exclusive titles (The Last Of Us/ Uncharted), which would be honestly more suited for teenagers and adults.

Have a 4K TV? you can also enjoy the added resolution upgrade with the PlayStation 4 Pro. In all honesty though, I wouldn’t recommend buying it, unless you want to spend some more money on a resolution upgrade. In terms of graphical upgrades, it doesn’t really bring much to the table.

Parents out there will also be happy to know that if your child’s addiction does go too far or you’d like to manage there usage, there is a parental control system in place which you can activate via the initial console start-up menu. Here you can learn how to block access to certain games, or set a daily limit on the amount in which they can play.

The interface is very user-friendly and you won’t have any significant problems here. (note: that some games and services may also require an internet connection) these include: YouTube, Netflix, Multiplayer Games, PlayStation Store and Social Features.

  • Price: Average price is around $300 and comes with 1 game, 1 PS4 Console, 1 controller, 1 TB HDD, HDMI Cord, Microphone and 1 Power plug. Check Out! “188,628” results/prices found.
  • Rating: 4/5 Stars on Amazon.

The PlayStation 4 is revolutionary and brings fun for the whole family.

2. Xbox One (S,X) – The Xbox one features more variety rather than a solid focus on just games. What I mean by that is, if you are into TV uses or streaming capabilities, I believe the Xbox is easier to manage and handle compared to the PS4 in this department.

Xbox One also contains backwards compatibility. Meaning you can enjoy old Xbox 360 or original Xbox games, without having to buy the game again! you can find out more here. This would be a smart choice for any consumer, as you’d save money if you’d previously owned an older Xbox console.

In addition, the Xbox One S and recently released Xbox One X both have 4K features. I went in depth on both these consoles, you can find my thoughts under ‘The Accessory Test’. I concluded that both had no major differences compared to the PS4 Pro, except in price and the fact that the Xbox One X has 60FPS streaming capabilities (ability to record games smoothly).

However, if you have a young child they won’t care about streaming video’s… they just want to play games. And the games on offer are as equally good, with ‘Minecraft’ or ‘Sea Of Thieves’. In terms of games I would say Xbox is more ‘children friendly’.

In addition, the Xbox interface is smooth, slick and easy to use, with the same added parental controls if need be.

  • Price: $300 average price and comes with 1 game, 1 controller, 1 HDMI cord, 1 Xbox One S, 1 Power plug, 1TB and a 14-day gold trial. Check Out! “42,780” results/ prices found.
  • Rating: 4.5/5 Stars on Amazon.

The Xbox One provides a balance of gaming and TV/Streaming capabilities!

3. The Nintendo Switch is the best console to have released this year in my opinion, hands down. The reason why? because it offers players of all ages something that they can thoroughly enjoy and keep coming back too.

Their games have no micro-transactions and they put that nostalgic passion into all of there games. The recently released ‘Zelda Breathe Of The Wilds’ and ‘Mario Odyssey’ is a testament to that passion, and should be highly commended. (check out my review to know more).

Likewise, all there best games are rated E (for everyone) and is portable, meaning your kids can take there handheld tablet sized console away on trips, or when you go traveling! it has a long battery life too; 6 hours playtime and can be recharged in 3!

The accessibility is what makes the console great, you can then take it home, dock it and play together on the TV with 2 detachable joy-con controllers. You’ll have endless fun with your kids, offering truck-loads of value and games.

  • Price: Average Price is $300 and includes: The Nintendo Switch console, Docking Station, 2 Joy Con Controllers, 32 GB(can add up to 2TB), Adapter A/C, 1 HDMI Cable and Joy-Con straps. Check Out! “50,344” results/prices found.
  • Rating: 4.5/5 Stars On Amazon.

Technology At Its Finest – Accessories

During my search for some technological excellence I came across some unusual product’s… I believe they are worth a mention because they are “out of the ordinary” and could be something worthwhile… 🙂

1. Geko Smart Whistle – Now I know what you are thinking, Jeremy why would I carry around a whistle? because you won’t be carrying it… The Geko Smart Whistle can be attached to your kids shirt, hand or zipper pocket.

The technology of this device allows it to be used as an emergency location tracker through constant connection to google maps. From here you set up an account using the app instructed and connect your phone. Then all your child has to do is blow on the whistle if he/she is lost, and it’ll send an automatic emergency text, email or call. You’ll then be able to track them on the app with the integrated google maps.

There is no monthly service plan either, Geko Smart Whistle offers free text, call and email notifications for up to 3 contacts!

Blow on the whistle and be safe from danger.

2. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017This smart cycle is specifically tailored to younger children at ages 4-6 (preschoolers), and no you can’t have a go…

The basic premise of this bike is to provide an easy and fun solution to learning, whilst also keeping them active at the same time. The bike has a tablet attachment station, where an app is then used with motion tracking in order to simulate the child’s speed and turning. (Please note that you have to download the product’s official app which is: Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City)

Children play educational games, learn how to bike ride and stay active, all at the same time! Bluetooth allows for TV capabilities as well. The seat is also adjustable for a more comfortable seating position.

Kids can ride their way to learning

3. CFZC Bluetooth Beanie Hat Cap – I have never witnessed a beanie with so much purpose other than keeping my head warm.

The CFZC would be a perfect gift for anyone looking for a warm-multi purpose music producing beanie, containing:

  • 100% acrylic material, with 11 different colors. All of which have varying patterns and styles.
  • Hands free calling with a built-in microphone.
  • 33 feet wireless range.
  • Wireless headset.
  • Battery= 60 hours stand-by time and 3.5 hours talking time.
  • Simply connect your phone and use the side controls on the beanie to skip and play music.

This is a great gift idea in my opinion and is very affordable for its price.

Listen to music without the annoying earphones.

Merry Christmas!

If I have contributed to helping you make a loved one happy this Christmas, then i’ve done my job and you can now call me Santa Claus.

In all seriousness though, I hope you found some value or idea’s from reading this, and it’s made your life a little easier going into this busy time of year.

Have a question? please leave a comment below or share this post and spread the love, Let’s help save other people this Christmas!

Take care and Merry eventual Christmas Guy’s:)









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6 Replies to “Gaming Gift Ideas For Kids, The Return – Christmas Special Part 2

  1. Hey, great ideas for christmas presents! This time of the year, a good present always makes the kids so ecstatic. And they will be occupied with it all year round! Thanks for the tips.

  2. This was very helpful to me. My son is 8 and he asked us the other day at the table if he could have an Xbox One for Christmas. Just last Christmas he wanted toys and a bike. I guess he’s getting into that stage we all go through as boys.

    1. Hey Ted, thanks for the comment mate. I’m glad this helped you out, there’s a lot to know about each of the consoles and they all have their own games and play styles.

      Take care mat!

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