Gaming Isn’t What It Used To Be – The Fall Of An Era

Gaming Is Dead

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The Fall release of games has officially begun and I wanted to beg the question… Is anyone actually excited? I mean it can’t be just me who receives minimal satisfaction out of AAA games anymore.

The thought came to me when I was having some lunch and I began going through all the recent games in my head, which have evidently collected dust within my draws.

Most games these days are literally piles of shit, rehashed over and over. Developers market these games in order to get people excited, but I feel the trust between company and customer just isn’t their anymore.

Flashbacks To The Glory Days

Everyone remembers the classics, they were games which made a statement and had personality about them. You’d get your friends over and play for hours and hours together. They’d become part of your friendship, jokes would be made and bragging rights established.

Developers would be part of this community too, creating games which the people wanted and had a passion in doing so. Even EA used to be loved by the fans. You rarely see that now in 2017, and it’s quite disappointing and sad.

Gaming has grown but also fallen at the same time. The passions disappeared in most cases, and its turned into a business race to implement the most appealing microtransactions to please investors.

Value is placed behind several pay walls, with companies not thinking about the customers as people but rather a currency for them to exploit.

These publishers forget where they came from and how they got their. Don’t they ever think of how Rockstar, Naughty Dog or CD Projekt RED gain such a huge appraisal and following.

People are becoming more aware and it’s going to lead to something detrimental happen to the gaming market.

Above Video: “YouTube: PrettyGoodGaming” Activision Using “Matchmaking Tactic” To Promote Microtransactions In COD WW2

This Could Be A Good Thing

If their was a large crash in AAA gaming this could be a great thing. Nothing would be more sweet to me, then to see companies like EA, Bungie and Activision (as you can tell I hate EA) crash and burn, along with all their investors who have corrupted them.

It would mean a fresh start and for Indie developers it could bring about more innovation and classics which have not been seen for quite some time.

You can see that crash happening now, especially with Destiny 2 recently with player numbers plummeting because their is simply nothing left to do. Even Assasin’s Creed and Call Of Duty are on their last legs… People are tired of these games and are moving onto bigger and better pastures.

We don’t want to be scammed by these companies anymore. They clearly do not care and have grown lazy in order to meet specific profit margins.

Above Video: “Youtube: Worth A Buy” How AAA Publishers/Shareholders Exploit Gamers.

Only Time Will Tell

I just hope that whatever happens, it happens soon. I’m tired of getting my hopes up, only to have them lied to and crushed by these corporate wankers.

Only time will tell I guess…

Are you over AAA games? let me know in the comments below.

Take care Guy’s.






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2 Replies to “Gaming Isn’t What It Used To Be – The Fall Of An Era

  1. I agree that gaming how we did it back in the day did change. I remember my friends and I would play video games in summer for what felt like two-three days straight, and it would be the same games. After that we would be like, “I’m kind of tired of gaming…let’s go play baseball…or go to the pool…or…etc.” Now I can get a week off to myself and play non-stop and it wouldn’t feel like enough. I think the points and leveling play a role in that. It just feels like it’s not enough and I want to get to the next level. With online it takes away from your buddies being by you and it doesn’t help that split screens have become a thing in the past. As for the constant production of new games it has to stop. However, the only reason EA, COD, and other brands are doing this is because people are buying them and making them money. If it is to stop, the consumers (us) need to boycott and send a message that we hate it! To be honest I think it’s not very smart…these games could have been made much later with much more sophisticated technology on the future and fed the companies for decades to come. Instead they just blow up the market shoving games down are throat. Now they are like a sitcom that has run out of ideas…it’s just a matter of time!

    1. Exactly, you’re too right Bruce. They don’t feel like games anymore, there’s no thought going into them. Its kind of like whoever pumps amount the most amount of games in a given time for people to buy.

      The last real game I played was probably Zelda or the Witcher 3 and yeah you can people are getting extremely tired and over it now. We have to stop purchasing these titles and games.

      Take Care mate!

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