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God Of War Is Superb

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I had a small but inclining feeling that God Of War was going to be a smash hit and I’m quite amused that once I experienced the game for myself, I was correct.

Before I get into this long-awaited review, I think it’d be fitting to warn you guy’s now that it’s a 10/10.

If you don’t want to read through this whole article and just want to know my thoughts, then I think you should 100% buy this game and play it for yourself because God Of War is a system seller.

(Note: This is a spoiler free review)

Kratos Is Back – Story

For players new to the series, God Of War follows the story of Kratos who is the Greek “God of War”. Traditionally the game focused on high-octane, far-reaching third-person slaying; of enemies and large rivaling Gods.

However, in God Of War 4 this takes a much more personal & environmental turn…

Kratos is a father and a much more grounded individual, compared to his son Atreus.

Atreus is curious, attentive and wants to do the best by his father. Complications do of course arise.

The death of his mother and her dying wish, is what sparks the journey for the unlikely pair into the Norse Mythological landscape.

The most appealing thing for me about this game, is the fact that the open-world setting still impacts and interacts with the characters and their story.

Everything is so detailed and richly incorporated within the story, that I was always invested in what each of the characters had to say.

However, the rapport between Kratos and Atreus shows the true conflicting dynamics in their relationship. Watching them evolve as a pair throughout the story is mesmerizing and a true testament to gaming’s, story-telling capabilities.

Thor’s Hammer – Gameplay

No you don’t get Thor’s mighty hammer but you do get an incredibly lushes, retractable axe that allows you to split the skulls of wavering enemies.

The combat has a lot of depth and gives players the freedom to experiment and keep it interesting…

Atreus can also be used for distractions and wields a trusty bow to take down enemies.

The only downsides to combat is the camera view and enemy variety, which makes the game a little more difficult and repetitive but the enemy AI constantly change their tactics making it refreshing to predict their next attack.

Special abilities and upgrades also allow you to customize Kratos to your liking and improve him as the game goes on. You’ll receive new gear from the two blacksmiths in the game and constantly want to improve yourself, as enemies begin to get tougher in the later stages of the game.

The minimalistic interface also aids in the immersion of players and helps keep exploration tidy.

My ‘God’ – Graphics

This doesn’t even need to be talked about because they’re the best graphics I’ve seen in any console title for a long time…

God Of Gaming

You need to play God Of War. I don’t care if you have no money right now, wait for a sale and buy it.

You will not regret the decision!

If you have any questions, please let me know below.

Take care guy’s and have a fantastic day!






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14 Replies to “God Of War Is Deep In Every Sense

  1. Hi J! Thanks for your very well written review. You know, I still have a “normal” PS4 sitting around in my living room. I’m currently not using it that much due to my pc games pile of shame is growing bigger and bigger and me finally having bought a Switch. But GoW seems really interesting and I am wondering if you could give me some advice here: Is this game worth it on non-pro PS4 as well? Or would you upgrade to the pro first and then get the game?


  2. Hey man, I hope you don´t mind I ask you here. I am going to buy a PS4 soon, one of the reason is the new God of War.

    I thought about second hand but I am not sure if I should get the PS4 pro? For instance, the new releases like God of War, are they going to be fine on the normal PS4 as well?

    Thanks brother

    1. I think a ps4 is perfectly fine if you don’t want to spend much money Manny:) the PS4 pro offers more power and better resolution but both consoles offer rather similar experiences!

  3. I’ve had all the god of war’s and have loved everyone of them but this one just looks incredible, the fact its an open world map aswell, wow. Unfortunately I don’t have a ps4 so I am going to be purchasing one soon just for the very reason of god of war haha.

  4. What age group do you recommend this game for? I am not sure I’d let my nephew play something with war in the title, but video games seem to be all the rage these days.

  5. I was talking to my wife about this game yesterday. I buy my games all digital. But this game DOES look freaking amazing in every way. It makes all the other ones look terrible in a sense. The story line I think is what fascinates me the most. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This game looks so dope, I’ve been wanting to get it but haven’t had a chance. Definitely will have to now! How would you say it compares to ones that have come out in the past? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Will! it’s a lot different in terms of approach. It’s less about the ‘hack and slash’ this time around and more about the story! definitely worth a purchase:)

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