God Of War Should You Be Worried?

Changes In The Franchise!

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God Of War is a PlayStation classic, embedded into Sony’s history since it’s introduction back in 2005.

Fans adored the franchise for its immersive charm, Greek mythology and chaotic fast-paced game play; which helped add to the unique feel of the title’s series.

Much like other successful AAA games, mechanics remained largely the same but with small tweaks to keep things fresh for players to enjoy.

However, this year there have been some pretty significant changes and it has gotten people worried…

Meet The New God Of War

The most noticeable changes seen in the trailer above, is that Kratos is given a more personal feel compared to previous title’s. The close draw distance, suggests that we are going to be given a slower paced, story-driven experience; and with the new edition of his ‘son’ this solidifies this belief.

Another major change is that the game is no longer focusing on Greek Mythology but rather Norse Mythology.

The reason for this was stated by game Director Cory Barlog:

“A lot of people think Norse, they think viking, but there’s really this amazing prehistory; the migration, and then prior to that, the pre-migration era,” Barlog states. “In the viking era, they always talked about, ‘The gods have abandoned us.’ Thor and Loki and Odin all walked the Earth at one point, but they’re not around anymore. (The vikings) fight for them, but they’re not there. This idea that we’re at is saying, ‘We’re at a prehistory point, where gods did walk the Earth, when monsters were real, before they became extinct.’

The biggest worry I have about these changes is the fact that it could be too similar to other AAA title’s, like ‘The Last Of Us’ and ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’.

The wide 3rd person camera captured the epicness of battles and contributed to making the games “fun”. Hopefully hardcore fans aren’t disappointed.

Above Video: God Of War 3, Released In 2010.

Reassuring The Masses

Barlog combats fan criticism about the new take on the beloved series, discussing:

“I know there are a lot of people who are out there saying, ‘It’s totally different. They’re changing a lot of things. Hashtag Not My God Of War. Hashtag Cancel My Pre-Order,'” Barlog said. “But I think a lot of people have to play it.”

Adding: “We’ve been very restrictive of the information and what we’re showing visually, and part of that is my paranoia. I want people to experience this game as a whole. Everybody who made this game; or a good portion of this team, has been a part of God of War from the very beginning. Nothing has changed cynically or under pressure or just willy-nilly. All of us put a lot of heart and soul into this game, and the DNA of what this franchise is still pumps through the blood of this game.”

Is he being sincere? We will have to wait and see until God Of War releases on April 20th.

Need To Catch Up On The Story?

Just Waiting For A Game

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Above  Video: God Of War Story Summary.

Just Waiting For A Game

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10 Replies to “God Of War Should You Be Worried?

  1. OMG I cannot wait for this game to come out. I already preordered it. I’m not worried about the changes because it seems very reminiscent of the last of us in the sense that joel did everything to protect ellie so I cant wait to see what this game has to offer.

  2. I saw the gameplay belong to one of the old and epic game franchise, that was really good, and best for anyone game lover. Hopefully I will get it soon as well)


    I don’t care about the chances, I will be playing this.

    I’ve played every God of War since 2005 and that will not change.

    Thanks for the information!!

  4. I need to buy a PS4 T^T…..
    I remember so well how God of War has this way to pull you in, and this new title really makes me want to play all of them again.
    When I first saw the trailer I was a bit surprised, I got the feeling the this title had a lot of work invested on the storyline, but it sure seems like a great one.
    I must asks, which of the previous titles did you enjoy more?

    1. Hey Anne, I think the first and second God Of War was my favourite! I like the move to a more story oriented experience and can’t wait to be immersed in the world… the attention to detail seems incredible!

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