Google’s Hidden Browser Games You Didn’t Know Existed

Google has hidden games which you may have never heard of

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I don’t know about you but every once in a while procrastination takes a hold of me.

And as you can tell from the title, I have been doing some serious procrastinating…

Not only because I’ve run out ideas on what to write about but I think it allows the mind to dwindle into something special.

Whether that be in the form of a slaying meme, invention or discovering hidden classics on Google…

No Internet No Worries

Have you ever started up your internet browser only to be faced with this:

T-Rex Runner, The Go To Internet Error Game

This is possible the most frustrating screen to be handed with when your internet goes down. Luckily Google knows your pain and turned it into a new-found addiction!

T-Rex runner!

This little gem of a game preoccupies your wait time, with a fun little mini game. Simply press ‘space’ on the keyboard and away you go!

I’m even predicting it will go viral if Ajit Pai​ succeeds in getting rid of Net Neutrality​ for Americans. Best get in early on the slow internet…

Soaring High In Google Earth

Want to go traveling but can’t afford to take yourself or a laptop with you?

How about Google Earths Flight Simulator! (please note you will need to download Google Earth).

Once downloaded, to access the feature simply click tools and press “Enter Flight Simulator”.

Your screen will then turn into a realistic cock-pit view where a compass, altitude and speed will be displayed. The world will also turn fully 3D.

You get the best of both worlds, as you can fly to your favourite places in an assortment of planes such as A380s and Fighter Jets, in the comfort of your own home.

Google Earth Flight Simulator- Cock Pit View

Attack Of The Keywords – Zerg Rush

This ones one of my personal favorites… Zerg Rush.

The aim is simple enough, it requires a bunch of clicking in order to stop little destructive bubbles from eliminating websites on the Google search page.

To play the game yourself; type in ‘Zerg Rush’ on Google and click enter, bubbles will then start to appear on the screen once the search has loaded.

Want to read articles about Zerg Rush? Well you have to earn it! stop the bubbles from destroying the top rated keyword search.

Bubbles increase in difficulty, for example: Red bubbles are the easiest to eliminate whilst yellow have increased health.

Protect The Internet In Zerg Rush!

Avoid The Ghosts! – Pacman

I always reminicent on how far technology and gaming has progressed over the years. From humble beginnings playing Pacman on large arcade machines, to now playing in the browser of a simple google search.

If you don’t know Pacman then do yourself a favor and have a geez at brilliance… (Desktop Only)


  • To Move – Use Arrow Keys
  • To Mute – Press M (in-game)
  • To Quit – Press Q (in-game)
  • To Pause – Press P (in-game)

 The rules are straight forwardavoid the ghosts and eat the food (points). You can eat the ghosts too but you’ll have to be strategic in the way you go about it, you only get limited chances…

Above Video: Guy Obsessed With PacMan…

Google “Snake Game”

Finally, we have Snake. The game which was famous for breaking your flip phone whenever you lost in a frustrating manner.

Now you can break your keyboard, as it comes to a search near you! Take your boredom to a new level and bask in its nostalgic value.

Above Game (Desktop Only): ‘Snake IS’ modern multiplayer snake game. Drag your mouse to move and collect food! run in front of enemy snakes to destroy them!

Procrastination Done Right

Now that you are aware of these hidden games you can take your procrastination to a next level!

If you have read this whole article then congratulations! you could’ve been doing something better with your time.

Have fun playing and take care guy’s!




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2 Replies to “Google’s Hidden Browser Games You Didn’t Know Existed

  1. Oh wow, these all look like fun games. Back in the day, I did play Pacman a lot. I’m going to have to check out this new version. I play games on my phone when I’m waiting around for appointments and things. Good thing to kill time while waiting. Love your site, thank you!

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