Grand Theft Auto 6 Location Leak?!


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GTA 5 seems to still be a relevant but increasingly distant memory, as we are getting set for Rockstars latest release of Red Dead Redemption 2 later this year.

However, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating on what the next GTA will be about and what city (or country) it might entice.

According To An Anonymous Insider

There are rumours that GTA 6 (code name: Americas) is early in development and will be set in the city of Miami aka “Vice City”.

The alleged ‘code name’ for the project also gives us a clue on what the story could be about.

Americas would mean that you could potentially explore not only Miami but also another country like Colombia, where the production of cocaine and ruthless gangs like Pablo Escobars Medellin Cartel originated.

It’d be interesting if Rockstar based the next game off this concept because the amount of source material and character development would be a level of fictional depth unseen in gaming before.

I think it’d be safe to say that this would be a playable experience like no other. (My imagination is running rampant, just thinking about what direction they could take it in)

Possible Release Date?

Furthermore, the anonymous source also states that the game will not be released until 2021-2022, which is understandable as it provides enough time for development on Red Dead Redemption 2 to be fully supported and GTA 6 to be worked on.

That’s essentially 9 years after the release GTA 5, which hopefully means that we will be seeing some major improvements.

Hungry For More Details?

Here’s an exclusive video:

Let Me Know Your Thoughts

Do you want to explore Vice City one more time? let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for more updated GTA 6 news.

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12 Replies to “Grand Theft Auto 6 Location Leak?!

  1. Woah that’s great!
    Finally a relevant news about GTA 6. Am interested to see how they gonna make our old Vice City Game city Miami.
    We have to wait 4 years for it!! That’s much. Anyways, we will have Red Dead Redemption 2 by then, as you have stated.
    Thank you for sharing this info 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment Himz! Yes their supposedly pushing the rewind button on the series and going back to Vice City! I’m excited what they can do with the formula!

  2. I remember playing Vice City so much that my eyes were about to turn to white powder and crumble right in front of me.

    GTA VI would be unreal if it were set in Miami and then Colombia as well so we’ll just have to see where R* takes things!

    I know that it took them a long time to develop GTA IV and V and that’s completely understandable just based on how in-depth the design was so hopefully they take that to an even higher extreme … and I really don’t mind waiting for that experience!

    1. Haha the same can be said for me with San Andreas.

      I think a drug smuggling type of story line would be something different for series and I’m looking forward too it!

  3. I spent hours and hours playing vice city back in the day, I don’t know how they are going to top that game to be honest but this is superb, thanks

  4. Hi Jeremy, this is so cool =) I remember GTA III was the last one I played almost two decades ago on my first ever playstation. It brought back memories. Now with this GTA VI, you actually made me want to rekindle my love for GTA. I’ll be looking forward to this and will be playing it. Super thanks bro =)

  5. That is awesome news but it still long way to go, they haven’t made another GTA game in so long. I can’t imagine what this game will offer? probably VR experience can be even more exciting.

  6. You can’t beat abit of GTA!! this is good news and look forward to it!

    I’ve just ordered my son a new gaming PC and his first request was that he wanted GTA on it!

    1. GTA is the perfect example of how to make a game properly! I’m positive that your kid will have a great experience with it!

      (You may need to drag him out of his room)

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