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Halo Online Version 0.6

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Guy’s it was truly a sad day yesterday… and not because I wanted to be sad but an era in my gaming life had been truly realized and finished. My Xbox 360 broke.

The system itself I couldn’t care less about but trying to play the games that provided me with such awesome early memories with my friends and brothers, had begun to collect dust.

So when I stumbled upon a completely free fan made mod of Halo 3 for PC, that nostalgic memory reignited inside of my membrane.

Online Only

Halo Online is a revival of a canceled online version of Halo that was made for a Russian audience, however users on the internet seized the assets and recreated the game for everyone to enjoy.

All your favourite maps and modes from Halo 3 are here, as well as brand new maps and a killer forge mode!

The forge mode is expansive and includes many customizable options to create your dream map. I like the fact you can literally create beyond the map and there isn’t a limit to your creativity.

Map variations of classics are also present with ‘snowy’ Valhalla and mechanics borrowed from Halo 4 such as sprinting and weapon movements.

One negative of the mod, is the low community population on servers. It takes a while to find matches and when you do find a match the game may crash sometimes.

There’s A New Update

These negatives could change though, with the implementation of version 0.6.

This update hopes to add new features and fix bugs, which taint the game.

However, besides all these short comings it’s worth every GB of download space.

You can download the game here.






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2 Replies to “Halo Online – Download This Game Now!

    Halo is a very precious game for me and i had no clue i could play online, it was the game to play with friends and have crazy matches…i miss that.
    I will give it a try, it’s a shame as you mentioned that there’s a low population on servers and it might crash, but I will still try it!
    (It can’t be as bad as finding an online match on SSBB…)
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hey Eren! this game is fanmade and reconstructed so it takes time to get everything in working condition again! luckily an update tomorrow should fix most of the problems!

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