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Website Update

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Hey guy’s I hope you are all having a great day and staying out of trouble, because if you aren’t (I will show you the way my friend).

So this is just a quick website update to let you know my thoughts and how I’ve been trying to implement different features onto the website in terms of design, my content, ads and communication between us.

However, I’ve hit a brick wall and I need your help, so please help me to help you because I want you guy’s to be a part of this website.

Comment your suggestions below on what you want to see…

Design and Interface – Changing Colours

If you’ve been a returning visitor, you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been changing menu names, colour backgrounds and moving things around the sidebar.

Now I’ve recently discovered that menus are discoverable on google search, which has provided a slight technical problem…

That problem being there isn’t much information on those menu pages except a short description. My self suggestion was that I place all the sub categories within the main menu headings, instead of a drop box. Alternatively I can ‘no index’ those menus so they aren’t found on google search.


I want to know what you guy’s like and prefer:) So comment below your thoughts on the interface aspect.

Creativeness is key!

New Content Everyday

Next on the agenda is content, so as you may have noticed I write reviews on games, news and products related to gaming.

I try to write a detailed review once a day and give my opinions on each item.

Now I want your opinion: are they easy or difficult to read, understand or just straight out boring.

Provide me with criticism so I know what you guy’s would like and what you want to see in the future.

I could also create a section for you guy’s to write community reviews or voice your opinion, because I want you all to be involved…

Let me know below if you have any suggestions on content.

Cactus's love to read

Advertisements – Avoiding The Flood

I am pretty sure that everyone has seen the advertisements from Amazon. So the way I keep the site running is through affiliate products which I place after reviews or as gifts on the sidebar.

Now I don’t want to flood the website with advertisements, unlike some (Gamestop I’m looking at you), because I know how annoying they can be and I hate having them getting in the way and popping up in front of everyone’s face.Don't be a butt head.

Therefore, I try keep them as minimal as possible to better your experience.

If you like a review, you can buy products through the links and it will help support the site.

Otherwise, let me know if you want other merchant sites advertised such as Ebay, because I want to offer the cheapest places for you guys.


Communication – Let’s Talk

A new feature that I have been pondering over is adding forums and logins for everyone so we can start building a community where information can be discussed or a place for everyone to have a rant.

I’ve set up a twitter account already which can be found here, but I feel a social aspect on the website would be a lot easier and better to keep things centralized.

Give me your thoughts and suggestions below…

The First Update

The sites been up and running for 2 weeks now and I’ve made a lot of progress, but I can’t build this community alone so I appreciate every bit of help I can get.

Thank’s for the support guy’s!

Take Care!



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  1. Your site looks good and certainly contains a lot of information. You just need to do a spelling and grammar check to make it look a little better. Other than that, all good!

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