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Cheap PC games are available at G2A

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Today I’m going to be showing you how to buy cheap PC games at a discounted cost or even for FREE.

And no this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or even a scam (I know it sounds hard to believe..) but bear with me here.

If you are a PC gamer you may have already heard of this website, known as G2A. If you haven’t then you should check it out here. It’s a reliable website which sells cheap PC game keys for Steam and Origin (I use it regularly). They also have a teamwork referral program…

Never Pay For A Game Again – G2A Goldmine

The referral program known as ‘G2A Goldmine’ basically allows you to create a team with your friends and refer people to purchase games using a special link. If they purchase a game then you receive a payment in Euros based on the games worth (usually 2 Euros).

The catch is you don’t stop earning after you make one paying referral like other affiliate programs…

This program instead utilizes cookies within its service. Cookies essentially help memorize a user, so next time they visit the website to purchase a game, you’ll make another payment. But wait there’s more…

The team structure is basically set out into 3 levels for each person.Pyramid System allows everyone to be the boss. Whenever someone signs up for the program or purchases directly through your ‘reflink’ they will be added to your Team A.

Team A basically means you’ll earn 100% of the referral money if they make a purchase and they’ll be your relation 1.

Your not exploiting Team A because only they can create Team B which will be their 1st relation, then they’ll earn 100% referral payments whilst you still earn 60%.

Team B then can create Team C which will be their 1st relation so they’ll earn 100% referral payment, whilst Team A will earn 60% and you’ll earn 40%.

The chain keeps going and everyone benefits, it’s like a long ancestral tree. The picture below summarize the points above.

You receive benefits from your team as they make sales.

What Do I Do After I Make Money?

Now there are three options which you can take once you start making some referral money.

1. Option A is you keep the money in your account on the website where it is secure, and you can use it to get discounts on games or even buy games for free.

2. Option B is you click this ‘Pay Out’ button which transfers your money to your PayPal account, and from there you can transfer it to your bank account.

3. Option C is if you’d like to donate some of your money to a charity, which sounds like it’d be a lovely gesture.

Whatever your preference, each option offers variety and is easy to use, as literally anyone can do it. You don’t need to enter any credit card details or sign any annoying survey’s. It’s simply referring people to click on your link to check out the website, join your team or make a purchase.

It’s a winning situation for everyone. One that is fair, reliable and offers value for everyone to enjoy!

Join Jedi Jaswag In Our Quest For Free Games

Want to join me (Jedi Jaswag) on our quest for playing free games? you can sign up at the link HERE.

You can also find out more information about the program, as well as the top referral earners.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to buy cheap PC games. Obviously it will take a little while to get things going, but if you work hard enough good things can happen.

Please feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions or if you want to help improve my website, I am always open to suggestions:)

Take care guy’s and I hope you have a splendid day!

Jedi Jaswag out.


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20 Replies to “How To Buy Cheap PC Games

  1. This is so interesting, Jeremy. Thanks for writing about this, and sharing this useful information. I am intrigued and will definitely explore this soon. Going to bookmark and come back to this when I have some free time.

    Meanwhile, may I know a few more details? How much does it cost? Do we have to keep paying? Do we have to play the game frequently? or regularly? Or can we sign up, play once in a while? Do we have to be good at the game (I’m not too good at games)?

    How is payment made> Via Paypal?

    Look forward to your kind answers. Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. Hey Tim, glad you enjoyed the article my friend!

      The cost is free, it cost nothing to sign up as it’s essentially an affiliate referring program.
      You don’t have to play, as it’s not a game. You get a referral link and you send it to people who are looking for cheap pc games to buy, when they do buy something then you get a commission based on the game you helped sell.
      You don’t have to be good at gaming just good at marketing and making friends 🙂 it’s a little confusing but if you look on their website the picture will be clearer.

      Payment is made when you make money through your referring sales. Once you make some money you can either put it towards purchasing a game on the website or clicking a ‘Pay out’ button and you can easily sign into your PayPal account where it will transfer your earnings into.

      Hope that helped:)

  2. I have to tell my son about this. I don’t play PC games anymore because I am photosensitive and can only play some games now, like FPS. I only play a little bit on my PS4 when I have time, sorry to mention a console here, Lol. My son is all on the PC right now though so thanks for this info.

    1. You’re welcome Melissa! It’s a easy way for anyone who is kid or affiliate marketer wanting to make a little extra money, and it has a free sign-up! Hope I’ve helped!

  3. Wow, what a great idea! I will have to tell my son about this. Him and his friends could get in on this, and maybe get some free games out of the deal. So I can get my son to sign up, and he can possibly find great games, refer his friends who in turn buy them and then he makes some money? Would that be a correct assumption?

    1. Yes that’s exactly it Leahrae! It can be anyone he and his friends can refer too! And if they make a purchase, your son and his friends make money! But they keep making money off that customer every time they go back to purchase from the website. So it’s reoccurring!
      Hope that helped.

  4. VERY cool that there’s a program like this. Games can be so expensive and time consuming as a hobby, but it’s cool to see that money can be saved or even EARNED using it!

  5. Oh wow, I never heard of G2A before! As a PC gamer, I would have loved to have known about this sooner. The platform sounds like a wonderful tool for getting inexpensive games.

    As a student, I cannot always afford the high prices on steam. Like 60$ for a game Steam? Come on man! My pockets are not that deep! Thank you for sharing. I am going to check out G2A.

    1. You’re welcome Alex, I didn’t know about this website for a long time either, it’s new and upcoming and it’s all I use to buy games now because it’s very affordable compared to steam. This program also helps slash those cost whilst making some money

  6. Hey, thanks for the post. I’ve never heard of G2A or anything like this before, but it sounds very interesting.

    I never was too much into PC gaming, but it seems like all of my friends have been over the years and I know how popular it is.

    This sounds like a nice opportunity and I’m going to check it out and keep this page bookmarked for the future.

    Thanks again for the post and I wish you the best!


    1. You’re welcome Dalton, it’s a great idea for you and your friends if you want to make some extra money. If you’re smart you can make quite a bit!
      Take care mate!

  7. This sounds interesting. I have seen a lot of scheme programs with games that want your money and don’t seem profitable. I think this is the way to go. What do you have to lose? Sounds fun, entertaining, and profitable. Thanks!

    1. Best of all it’s completely free! Sure you don’t earn a lot at first but if you stick at it and get a lot of referrals then they become continous sales each time!

  8. This sounds like an excellent program to get free stuff (my favorite kind of stuff!). I like that there are deals on the Xbox live gold cards as well. When I am done with my online education, I will be gaming more often (I hope!) and will definitely consider this affiliate program. Thanks Jeremy

  9. BRIILIANT !! What every Gamer should consider. With the number of games reaching in the thousands for Xbox alone, combining forces to check out cheaper games, is a MUST ! The incentive to invite other gamers makes this a rather compelling idea for a business idea. All the best !

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