How To Mount A Program

Virtual Clone Drive

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Mounting is the task of placing a file or program (such as ISO) onto a disk (usually physical), so that a setup can be run.

Chances are you have faced this kind of problem, when trying to play a game on PC. Where a disc is required to operate or install the game.

Developers used to implement this security measure frequently. This was to ensure, it could not be copied and given out to other people. However, their is a solution…

Virtual Clone Drive – What Is It?

Virtual Clone Drive is essentially a free program, that acts as a non-physical disc. Tricking programs to think that its a piece of hardware by reworking its code.


Acts as a virtual driver

The best part? you can mount absolutely everything! you have no limit cap to what you can mount or ‘burn’ onto the virtual disc.

From their you can install, run and play games. Its very easy to use and requires little to no effort on your part. All you have to do is download the program and you’re ready to go.

The clone drive will then automatically associate itself with the recommended files, allowing you to click and run programs that need mounting.

Associates itself automatically in setup, with all mounting files

Is It Safe?

100% from my personal view, I believe its the best virtual drive out their! I’ve never had any issues or viruses.

But in saying that…

You may run into some troubles, based off your own individual experience or operating system.

Which brings me onto my next point.

Does It Run On All Operating Systems?

The requirements are quite broad, so chances are you’ll be able to run it:

  • Windows compatible PC with minimum 500 MHz Processor and 256 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000/XP/XP64/VISTA/VISTA64/Win7/Win7-64/Win8/Win8-64/Win10
  • Administrator rights are required to install.

These specifications were taken off their official site, I assume MAC owners won’t be able to run it. However, If you give it a try on MAC please let me know:)

Can I Also Mount BluRay & Movie DVD’s?

Yes you absolutely can! CloneBD and CloneDVD are also available and allow mounting for BluRay and movie DVD’s.

You’ll be able to turn your laptop into a BluRay player, completely free!

You can also compress large files at high speeds, using CloneDVD.

Freebies For Days

Enjoy mounting your programs!

Let me know in the comments if you run into any troubles and I will do my best to assist you.

Take care guy’s and have a great day.




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  1. This has got me very interested in mounting for BluRay and DVDs. I was unaware you could do this. Thanks for giving some insights here that it is possible. I will do some research on the two Clone websites you suggested.

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