How To Play Squad Leader

How to be a squad leader

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Being the leader of anything is a tough gig, and most of the time no one wants to be put in that situation of responsibility.

That’s why for some, it can be a daunting experience when given the opportunity to lead or communicate with a group of people. You must order, structure and execute a plan efficiently.

However, if performed correctly ordering people around can feel like an empowering and very rewarding experience.

In today’s ‘How To Win’ series, I am going to be taking you through your paces soldier. Teaching you the fundamentals on how to be a successful Squad Leader.

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Tip #1 Communication Is Necessary!

Squad is a communicative game and unlike Call Of Duty or Battlefield, you’ll need a mic if you want to win or at least have the maximum amount of fun.

It’s difficult being a Squad Leader when you have no form of shouting orders, to 8 brainless foot soldiers. It’s like asking people to run underwater, and you don’t want to make the job even harder for yourself.

Therefore a microphone is necessary to communicate with other Squad Leaders, in order to organise strategic plans and be aware of what the enemy team is doing.

(Please note: Pressing ‘G’ will allow you to talk to other squad leaders,V’ will allow you  ‘to use local chat and ‘B’ will allow you to talk to all Squad members).

The two main things you’ll need to know, is whether your squad is attacking or defending certain areas or bases. This will allow you to be more precise in your instructions and provide you a simpler map on where you want your teammates to be stationed.

Communication is vital in this particular moment because you will have to place markers down on a team shared map, to highlight where enemy units may be.

You can even order specific units like marksman to watch over you, as you assault a building or have normal foot soldiers form an escort barrier in front and behind you; making close quarter encounters more effective.

Be concise, straight-forward, competitive and confident in your decisions but most importantly be you. It’s only a game and the more fun you have, the more fun everyone will have in the process.

Above Video: Having Fun Is Key. 

Tip #2 The Battlefield Is Your Home

As a Squad Leader you have the ability to lay down additional equipment for your Squad. Helping to boost the chances of your team successfully defending or attacking an area.

Sandbags, Rally Points (spawn points for your squad), Mounted Machine Guns, FOBs (Forward Operating Base)(spawn points for you whole team) and resupply points, are just some of the many things a Squad Leader has at their disposal.

In order to be able to place these items down, first you’ll need a vehicle called a “Lodgy”. These are essentially resource carriers, which can be used to carry building supplies for you to use. You can order a team member to go on “runs” to keep bringing supplies back and forth from the home base to your destination.

Once you have enough supplies, placing down a “radio” (using T) will let you then build a FOB. (Please note: make sure you have enough team members around you otherwise you won’t be able to place it)

This will allow your whole team to spawn closer to an intended destination, without having to spawn all the way back at base camp. Make sure to hide it though, as it can be “dug up” or destroyed by the other team if found.

Then you should place sandbags, mortars or any relevant equipment requested by team members.

Above Video: More Detail On Placing Equipment. 

Tip #3 Working Through The Ranks

If all else fails, make sure you sound like you have confidence in what you are doing. The best way to overcome any fear is to learn from mistakes and the people who are more experienced.

Watch other Squad Leaders and see what they do to gain ideas on how things are run, and ask them questions about the intended team strategy.

Playing is the best way to further your skills. Sure I can keep telling you information but the facts are if you don’t get real experience in-game, then you won’t get any better.

I’ve never felt a better sense of accomplishment in a game, until I played Squad. The sense of community is real and worth playing for!

squad leader tips

Tip #4 There Are No More

That’s all I have to say for today, so go out, have some fun and enjoy!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Have a great day guy’s:)



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8 Replies to “How To Play Squad Leader

  1. And people say video games are pointless…bah. Sounds like this one teaches serious social, strategic, and leadership skills. I like that a microphone and communication is required to be effective, this implies you’re actually talking to other players, which beefs up the learning value of this kind of thing considerably.

    1. Exactly Penelope, their is a certain strategy when playing games like this and it really helps build character especially when you are immersed in the experience!

  2. Sounds like squad leader would be a lot of fun for people who have an alpha personality and want to be in charge. It could be very challenging for people who like to just be told what to do.

  3. Hey Jeremy! This is a great article you have posted here! I’ve never played Squad before, but I love shooting games. Right now I’m in to Battlefield 1 and COD: WWII. I’ve been squad leader on Battlefield 1, but like you said, that is way different than Squad because not everyone has a mic in Battlefield and it’s hard to lead people without being able to talk to them! Thank you for this post!


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