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Fortnite Battle Royale

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One more game you tell yourself… just one more. Hoping that this will be the match where you bask in the glory of riches and that #1 Victory Royale.

Evidently you play that match but not to the way you expected… You and your friends land in a clustered area filled with enemy players. The race is on for any kind of weaponry, the scenario is chaotic and unfortunately all too familiar.

Your chance of survival without a gun at this point is made even slimmer when one of your friends goes down. From this point you know it’s time to restart…

But WAIT! before you jump into another match how about a little personal advice from the master himself…

Tip #1: Edges Of The Map Are Gold Mines

The fact that everyone goes to the few major locations on the map, means that smaller houses around edges of the map are filled with plenty of rare and exotic items.

It may seem bare bones at first but locations below ‘Fatal Fields’ and aboveTomato Town’ are filled with more loot and fewer players than you can handle.

Fortnite Locations For Fewer Players

I remember vividly the strategic advantage me and my friends would always get as a result from going to these locations because no one was ever able to get behind us.

We could literally stalk and dictate what teams and players to take out, without worrying about another team attacking us from behind.

Which brings me onto my second tip…

Tip #2: Work As A Unit

Teamwork is vital in Squad and Duo games, you’ve got a microphone so use it!

You can have specific roles for each teammate; such as a flanker, spotter, tank and builder.

Flankers usually can coincide with spotters. For example, I always like to have one person lagging not to far behind everyone else but enough so enemy teams can’t spot them from the front, they can also warn the front from incoming teams from the back.

They are usually the surprise attacker to help catch a few unknowing players off guard and it works a charm if luck and a bit of accuracy is on their side.

Tanks are perhaps the bravest of the team as they take the attention away from the flankers and distract the enemy to focus fire solely on them. You’ll be sacrificing yourself for the good of the team!

If the attack is timed well enough then usually the Flankers can take them out (in a very satisfying to watch way) and save you before your eliminated.

Builders can be everyone but I usually find the designated person is that with the most materials. They support the team with quick made structures and help build a barricade for downed allies.

Building can also be used to strategically fool enemies. You build a base that looks grand from the outside, attracting players to raid it. Little do they know that you’re waiting to ambush them from outside. I’d say I’ve had success with this tactic 80% of the time.

Above Video: Fortnite Awesome Teamwork. 

Tip #3: Build A Base Early

This tip is hard because you won’t know where to build until the zone closes around the 2nd last circle.

However, be sure to collect plenty of materials such as brick and metal before embarking on such a venture.

You’ll want to build as close to the center as you can (once the circle is quite small). The structure you want to then employ is that of height and width.

Build your base with enough height that you’ll be able to see oncoming players from a distance. Make sure to also seal lower floors with spikes, wall traps or floor traps. This will help prevent players from attacking beneath.

Width can then be used to escape from rockets, grenades and incoming fire. You can also build a separate tower section to confuse enemies on where to attack, as you’ll all be spread amongst your finely crafted base.

If this isn’t working then have everyone build stairs in every direction off the walls, This will further confuse enemy players and prevent them from building stairs towards your base.

Above Video: Extra Building Tips.

Tip #4: Have Fun And Practice

The most important tip though is to have fun! I know it can be frustrating coming close to winning but if you have no composure then you’ll struggle even more to compete.

Practice your shooting and remember to crouch when you shoot! it will increase your accuracy from a medium to long distance. However, at a close distance remember to jump and use your shotgun. This will make it a lot more difficult for enemy players to hit you but easier for you to hit them, as you will be in control!

Go Test What You Have Learned!

This is the first post of my new ‘How To Win’ blogging section. I will be providing more tips on how to better yourself in challenging games so stay tuned!

I hope this has helped in gaining you a victory in the Battle Royale, If you would like to know more or want to have a match with me, leave a comment down below!

If you don’t have Fortnite, you can check out my review here. It’s free to download and play on PS4, PC and Xbox One. It’s a ton of fun, so gather your friends and give it a try!

Take care guy’s and have a great day.






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