How To Win In PUBG

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I don’t always win in Player-Unknowns Battlegrounds but when I do, it’s because I hide. 

You know that one guy who gets carried every game? Well that’s me. 

I basically win by being the least conflicting, in a game about conflict… ironic huh? Never the less, if you want to win with minimal violence involved, then you’ve come to the right place. 

So have a read, as I take you on a journey towards your first non-violent chicken dinner. 

Tip Número Un – Isolation Is Key

You don’t want to be going to any location which may look like it’ll attract other players. This applies for both solo and co-op game modes. You are the conflict avoider, so stay incognito. 

Instead stick to more remote locations, where there are a few houses and plenty of tree cover. This will help mask your escape but also provide some essential survival equipment once the circle begins to further close. 

Your biggest ally is your cosmetics, so make sure you are able to blend in with your surroundings. There’s no use bringing out the rainbow suit unless you are hiding in a rainbow, so keep your camouflage and surrounding environment into perspective. 

Once you’ve looted up, make sure you leave enough time to get to the next zone (if you aren’t already in it). Stay close to the edge of each zone, waiting in long grass or bushes for around 30 seconds, just in case another player is running from behind you. 

Be The Shrub

Tip Number 2 – running is always an option

To morph into the non-violent pubgian you are, you must first run like the pubgian. So in nearly every case or scenario, running is always an option. 

Why are you risking your life for short gains? You should be setting your priorities straight and going all the way for that sweet sweet chicken dinner. 

Your reading this article because you’re desperate for the win but if you don’t feel like running then I have an alternative… 

Above Video: This Guy Has The Right Idea…

Tip number 3 – Incognito trolling 

Incognito trolling is a tactic which you’ve probably seen before. 

I personally use it when I am in a large hostile prone area, it allows me to have the upper hand on my opponents. 

The strategy consists of a vehicle and a bush. The vehicle is used to attract unknowing players towards a car, whilst you are hidden a couple meters away from it, you can also hop in the back seat and hope they don’t see you. 

It works well most of the time but experiment with different locations and scenarios to gain the best results. 

Above Video: The Ninja Knows Best.

Tip 4 – last man standing 

You’ve taken the ‘non-violent approach’ and applied the tips given to you in order to have a chance in winning a chicken dinner.

The rest is now in your court. You’ll need to be violent from this point on if you want to win. (We cant all be nice forever…) 

Let the last few players weaken and finish eachother, with you swooping in for the easy pickings. 

Enjoy your chicken dinner.

Let me know if you would like a training run in the comments below. 

Take care guys and have a great! 


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