I, Robot The Game? – Detroit: Become Human Preview (PS4)(2018)

Actions always have consequences

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I, Robot was that movie which made you feel uncomfortable. When it first released in 2004, (I was a lot younger then) it made you generally scared of the future. In 2004 technology had already started advancing at a rapid pace, to the point where robots have become a reality…

Above Video: ‘Sofia’ real life robot.

So when I first saw Quantic Dreams ‘Detroit: Become Human’ at E3 of last year, it instantly reminded me of ‘I, Robot’ but with a twist. Instead of playing from a human perspective, you are put into the shoes of three living, ‘breathing’ androids.

It’s a very appealing and unique concept which I believe deserves some extra attention.

Detective Android – Story

Androids become human, they are integrated within human civilization. Working, living and obeying orders efficiently and without a second thought… Until now.

Some have begun to display strange feelings, developing emotions and starting to become ‘deviant’. In this action-adventure game you play as three of these ‘deviants’. Marcus, Connor and Kara:

  • Marcus is an android who leads a resistance, freeing other androids from the humans.
  • Connor is an advanced police android, which is tasked with hunting down deviant androids.
  • Kara contains an artificial conscious, after being a newer model of android. She struggles with interactions in the world around her, and with her place in society.

You follow their stories as they rebel against humans to show them that they worth more than just machines, through the branching decisions you make which influence the world and help the player create their own story.

For example this gameplay clip from E3 of last year highlights that of Connor, who tries to stop a deviant android from killing a little girl:

This is a story driven-game so expect linear branching missions which are high-intense and deliver a thriller experience to the player.

4K All The Way – Graphics

The gameplay from the released trailers are running on a PS4 Pro at 4K resolution. No word on FPS (frames per second) has been mentioned yet but I imagine it will be 60FPS, based on the idea that the game seems more graphically and story oriented.

However, the game looks amazing so far and I am excited to see how it handles and runs when it releases next year.

Please note that this is a PS4 exclusive as of this moment, with no word being made about the transition to PC or Xbox.

What The Developers Have To Say – Interview

Not only does ‘Detroit: Become Human’ represent the age of technological advancement, it also establishes social nuances which reflect that of the political spectrum in the world today.

There are moral implications for the decisions you make which reflect on the games world. If you get a main character killed, the game will continue on and you won’t know their story until you replay the game.

It all ties in with the fact their are consequences for your actions, which translates into a more connected experience for us as players. More information can be found in this E3 2017 developer interview below:

Above Video: Interview with David Cage (developer on the game).

Robots Are Coming

This game has the potential to be something great, with a decision based story which effects the ‘Detroit’ world in huge ways. It also could be a potential warning for our reality…

I hope you guy’s enjoyed this preview. Let me know your thoughts on intelligent AI in the comments section below.

Have a great day and take care!

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18 Replies to “I, Robot The Game? – Detroit: Become Human Preview (PS4)(2018)

  1. This is exactly the subject matter video games SHOULD be addressing, to prepare us for singularity! I know, our fiction has been fascinated with sentient robots for quite some time and some of the best films have to do with that topic (Blade Runner, Her, Robocop, even Terminator). I like that this game has consequences, and it sounds really fun to play. thanks for the great review.

    1. Thanks for the comment Penolope, it definitely looks great from what the developers have been saying and showing.

      Could make for some memorable moments !

  2. Hi Jeremy, I’m not a gamer, but somehow I stumbled upon your article. This is a really interesting game with a very interesting concept. It reminded me of the Isaac Asimov book “The robots of dawn”. If you like the concept of this game, you’re going to enjoy this book for sure!

    Games with graphics like this are actually the ones that make me think of buying a game console.

    Please write a review once it comes out!


    1. Hey Wouter, it sounds like an interesting read! I will check it out for sure.

      I tell you what if the games coming out next year shape up to what we’ve seen, you should consider it 100%.

      I will be one of the first to review it!

      Thanks mate!

  3. Thanks for this article. It was a good read. The whole AI thing kind of freaks me out only because who knows if something with AI could become smarter and learn more than what was anticipated. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what happens in the future.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jose, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. Exactly and with Elon Musks open AI, Ai train themselves to be better than the actual players through continuous trial and error. It’s quite scary.

  4. I always found this an interesting concept to play with. People build robots that grow increasingly complex over time, leading to their higher intelligence and eventual self-consciousness. From reading your thoughts on this, it sounds like a fascinating game with a great story line. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thanks for the comment Alex, it relates well with what is happening in today’s world and I found it interesting because this too could be a future prospect… we will just have to wait and see

  5. I always said that when you see technology movies there is something in the making if not already existing. This is too freaky to me though. Although it might be a good thing one day I have to learn how to accept it. Very good information because I did not even know they had made it this far.

    1. It’s the idea that if they do create these things how do they control it in the long run, the more advanced the AI the more at risk we could potentially be.

      Thanks for the comment Ronnie, take care.

  6. This game sounds so cool. I need a new one for my PS4. The games I have are getting old. So I was looking for some neat ones and this one caught my eye. That is unreal how your game play and decisions affects how the game will proceed. I’ve never seen that before. This also reflects our future I find. The thing about AI’S right now is that they can literally do anything but do not understand the ability of free will. Thus, they could make decisions that have seemingly terrible consequences for us humans and they would not feel any emotion whatsoever. Image an AI could get the nuke codes and launch. They would feel no remorse after lol.

    1. It’s worrying for sure Rob, I can only imagine that there is a code sequence that allows the AI intelligence to have emotions but that’d probably make matters worse.
      The future looks great from a far but with these new developments in robotics who knows what could happen.
      Thanks for the comment mate! Take care.

  7. I have been looking for a new video game for my son, and this is it! For once, a game about more than just slaughtering and blood shed. I like how you learn about the characters stories, and that they face implications for their decisions! Great game!

    1. Thankyou for the kind comment, I will leave a link down below if would like to pre-order. However, I suggest waiting for the final release in order to see reviews and such.
      Take care!

  8. Incredibly challenging, morally speaking. I love the notion of every action having it’s own consequence. The way they incorporated “real” actors turns this game into a movie controlled by it’s players. LOVE IT ! Detroit: become human will most likely become the de facto Origin of game play towards Singularity. Great stuff, Jeremy !

  9. Funny you mention I Robot there. I was attending a conference last week and we had a world renowned robiticist with us as a speaker. During her Q&A someone asked when we can actually expect to see robots in the household helping us. Her estimate, 20-30 years at the earliest.

    It was interesting because a lot of us assume the problem is the hardware, but she was very clear that robotics is a software problem. Funny that in these robot driven games we use software to mimic a sentient robot but we can’t get anywhere near it in real life.

    Sorry, I rambled, Detroit looks like an awesome and interesting new game to check out.

    1. Thanks for the comment Craig, I was completely fine with the rambling as I found your story very interesting haha.

      It’s a topic which we all try to avoid but inevitably I’m sure big companies looking to make a lot of money will produce these house hold robots, which will be human like to a degree the more advanced they become.

      I feel like if their are people who do bad things, their could also be robots which do bad things and that has me worried. 10-20 years isn’t that far away…

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