May PlayStation Plus Games!

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This months line up of free games are both exciting and enticing.

In my opinion they’re not as good as last months April lineup but there is still plenty of enjoyment to be found!

Here Are The Games


  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • King Oddball
  • Rayman Legends


  • Eat Them
  • King Oddball
  • Risen 3: Titan Lords


  • Furmins
  • King Oddball

Show Us The Highlights

If you enjoy narrative driven games or have played Life Is Strange, then you’ll love Beyond:Two Souls. It’s a cinematic story-driven experience whose plot changes and is impacted on by the decisions made by the player. This adds to the endless amounts of replay value, as the level of playable depth is increased.

Rayman Legends is a true classic to the platforming genre. With an extremely appetizing art style and even greater game play, you’ll sink hours of fun into this free game. You can even invite a friend over! It’s the perfect game.



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4 Replies to “May PlayStation Plus Games!

  1. Looking forward to these! I’m not sure what Beyond is about but I might give it a shot. thanks for this list!

  2. Hi Jeremy!

    Sheeeeesh! There are so many new games coming out! It’s hard to stay up and keep track. I’m looking for something cool for my son. I’m not sure which one he would like the most? Any Recommendation?

    1. Hey Steven! games are becoming overwhelming atm! their isn’t anything major out but I suggest waiting for some sales or price drops on major or indie titles!

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