Microsoft Is Taking Action On Eldewrito!

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It seems like the popularity of Halo Online is constantly growing and so is the tech giant Microsoft’s concerns.

I recently made a post about the amount of enjoyment that I and many others were having with the game. However, this could potentially be short-lived…

Copyright Laws

Due to IP copyright laws in the US, Microsoft must file action otherwise they lose their assets for their IP, Halo. This is a terribly outdated system and one which will undoubtedly cause trouble for creators and modders trying to alter the game.

Microsoft had this to say about 0.6′s release.

“While we are humbled and inspired to see the amount of passion poured into this project, the fact remains that it’s built upon Microsoft-owned assets that were never lawfully released or authorised for this purpose. As this project reverberated across the community, our team took a step back to assess the materials and explore possible avenues, while Microsoft, like any company, has a responsibility to protect its IP, code and trademarks. It’s not optional in other words.”

Eldewrito (Halo Online) was first released in 2015 and had gathered a small community of loyal followers who wanted to see Halo 3 finally on PC.

Microsoft at the time had sent a DMCA to modders who had stolen the leaked assets but left it to fall into the darkness. Well it seems that what arose has caused some legal risks.

Download Links Have Been Removed

A team member of the development team “NoOneDead”, wrote:

“Microsoft prohibits the sharing of Halo Online ms23 links and builds, therefore links to it get removed. They need to protect their IP and code/assets. This is not a C&D or DMCA. ElDewrito as a mod is safe but development is halted until we hear more from 343i or Microsoft.”

This is hopeful news, as it means alternate solutions will be presented. I’m excited for the prospects and the increased development process which could result if Microsoft’s 343 team decided to partner with the Eldewrito team.

Keep Playing!

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