Microtransactions in AAA Games – Enough is Enough

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Excuse me if I suddenly stop typing and you are unable to hear the rest of this message but I am trying to strain myself from not tearing my keyboard apart…

Holiday season 2017 is upon us and with the recent release of games such as Middle Earth: Shadow of War and the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta which gave fans a taste of the pay to win loot crate bullshit last week. I thought it’d be good to start by voicing my own opinion and the opinions of many other unhappy fans about this new trend in AAA gaming called micro transactions.

Microtransactions if you don’t know is essentially paying real money to obtain in game items which are behind a pay wall. This is to help a user progress quicker or give them a competitive advantage over their opponent, seen with the likes of  EA’s FIFA which randomly generates players and items through opening packs that cost real money, in order to get the best players. It’s a disgusting practice and shouldn’t be in full priced games.

Why It’s A Problem

Microtransactions in AAA games is a huge problem and a slap in the face from greedy corporations to consumers. It symbolizes a dirty marketing tactic which could be related to gambling in every way possible. This is borderline illegal and publishers of AAA games are growing increasingly aware of how they can implement these schemes more and more into there games.

These schemes range from the most recent Middle Earth: Shadow of war game where the end game is locked behind a pay wall or a grind fest where the player will literally have to spend hours upon hours to obtain ‘Legendary’ Orcs which will allow them to stand a chance in game against enemy NPC’s. This article from Kotaku goes more in depth about the loot crate system implemented in the game https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017…

People are more worried than ever including me after finding out about how player progression with Star Wars Battlefront 2 works… and their aren’t good signs showing here at all. I played the beta and the first thing I can say is the game is fantastic, an improvement in every single way from the first Star Wars Battlefront game in 2015. The combats revamped and feels more solid, the flight controls are amazing and space battles are to die for.

However when you look into the new class system and start to discover how progression works your heart sinks… because if you are like me and have been a huge fan of Star Wars ever since you were a little kid than you will understand that when you see the only way to customize and progress your characters in the beta is through opening and unlocking loot crates. You immediately feel betrayed and empty inside, mixed emotions of extreme anger and disappoint swell as your hope for the game is crushed under some infuriating pay to win system.

This game could potentially be pay to win and that’s what has many players are worried. A youtuber by the name of totalbiscuit stated in a recent video that it’s ‘ridiculous!’ you can literally power up your character  making him better than your opponent through ‘star cards’ which are essentially stat buffs like weapon cool down reducers. These star cards range in rarity for example with white cards being 10% reduction cool downs to gold colours which can be up too 100%!

Above video of youtuber Totalbiscuit explaining the process of lootcrates and gambling:

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

This is a growing problem in the gaming industry and we need to stand together to stop this toxic culture. Vote with our wallets and not with our hearts, because in the end this is totally unacceptable and only we the people can stop these corporations. They don’t own us and we don’t owe them anything, it’s time to make a stand. I hope to God that they this loot crate business is changed by the time Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases but our highly doubt it will, not until we make that change.

I hope you enjoyed my first gaming news article. This is the first of many more to come.

What are your thoughts on micro transactions in games? Leave a comment below:)

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4 Replies to “Microtransactions in AAA Games – Enough is Enough

  1. Good article, I completely agree with you that there is no need for microtransactions in big AAA games.

    As someone who has been playing games since I was a kid, I never really saw the appeal of spending money just to get a new outfit or skin.

    It was mainly something that initially wasn’t an issue to me because you didn’t need those items to play through the game.

    I have heard things about Shadow of War having some lootbox system but I did not know that the ending would require extra money put in or hours of doing the same thing!

    I definitely find it disappointing to hear that SW Battlefront II may also be in on the same scheme since I used to be a big fan of the series, despite not getting into the Star Wars films themselves.

    My question is, what would you suggest consumers do to stop companies from doing this in the future?

    1. Hey Arie, thanks for your response:)

      I guess the big thing consumers can do is voice there opinion and back that opinion up by not supporting these ‘loot crates’ or micro transactions in game. More power in numbers.

      I think the reason why it’s grown so much in these big $60 games is because of the way it resembles gambling and playing a slot machine. There are so many similarities in which adults and children alike have access at the click of the button, becoming hooked or addicted leading to an over amount of spending. All it takes is someone with plenty of useless money lying around to participate. 

      I believe not only consumers but governments must get involved in order for this to fully be stopped.  As long as these people keep buying crates then AAA gaming companies still feel justified to keep implementing them in different ways, as seen with Star Wars Battlefront 2.

      There needs to be polices made and laws added by the government if things are to truly change, because they need to recognize this as a real problem.

      So that’s what I believe needs to be done in the future, 

      Thanks Arie

  2. Hey man, love the article and agree with it. If I can add some points as to why the Microtransactions are horrible as well..

    Kids play video games man, and with that in mind, the inclusion of all these pay to win microtransaction loot crate bs added into video games these days is actually exposing little kids to gambling at an extremely early age. Ages as early as 10, or even earlier depending on parent responsibility and supervision. That is really going to corrode the minds of the youth, and in my opinion, throw away lots of growth and potential.

    1. Very true Jacob, the state of these microtransactions isn’t exactly ethical in my opinion. Kids brains haven’t developed fully and when you expose them to these mobile games or recent AAA games which involve gambling elements,  it can really have an effect leading to a potential gambling or addiction problem in the future. 

      Appreciate the comment mate, take care. 

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