Monster Hunter World, Everything You Need To Know!

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Fighting off vicious insects, animals or reptiles in real life can be scary… but thankfully (in most cases) they are much smaller than you.

Over the years, there have been many hunting games which have tried to replicate this fear in the hearts of gamer’s. However, none have matched that of Monster Hunter.

A series which was critically acclaimed and originally made for the Nintendo 3DS; is now making waves in the console market but for how long?

Will it gain a new fan base and what is it? this is everything you need to know about, Monster Hunter World!

Kill Monster Before It Kill You – Story

Without going too far into details and spoiling the story for you guy’s. Essentially you are a hunter who is tracking a mysterious phenomenon, which has risen after a mass monster migration to the ‘New World’ (where you and other humans inhabit).

You work for a special monster research facility, known as the “Research Commission”. Whom need your help to uncover this miraculous mystery.

It is reported, that they will send you on different errands and locations to retrieve certain items that are necessary to complete the research.

It’s here where you will have to face giant creatures; ranging from birds, dinosaurs and dragons. A daunting task it may seem but you don’t have to be alone…

Above Video: Monster Hunter World Trailer.

Hunt Down Beast Together – Gameplay

During the hunt, you can team up with 4 other friends and complete missions together!

(Note: that this feature is only available online and not in local split screen)

You’ll need all the help you can get! players suggest that boss battles are the main focus, ranging anywhere from 10 to 40 minute fights (depending on your strategy and level gear, which you obtain).

On top of this; you will also have to track, learn and prepare for upcoming fights. As bosses possess different strengths and weaknesses, which if not exploited will cause you a lot more trouble than you bargained for.

Preparing for upcoming battles can be done through levelling up your character through side quests, crafting new gear with various tier levelled materials and ‘farming for experience’.

This could potentially be a tiresome duty, as stated by Paul Tassi from Forbes who wrote “20, 30, 40 minute individual fights can be exhausting, particularly in many instances when you cannot pause a fight for any reason”, so the more friends the better!

Above Video: Boss Fight Gameplay.

In addition, combat is said to be deep and will feel familiar to veteran players. Each weapon is its own class and handles “very differently” according to a recent Gamespot article.

Specialising and mastering each weapon will take a dozen hours. This is due to the transition from handheld to controller, which has enabled Capcom to add a new layer of depth never seen before in Monster Hunter games.

Practice makes perfect and in a game which many regard to closely resemble “Dark Souls”, this cannot be anymore true.

Different Classes require different controls and behave differently

Researching The Monsters – Graphics And Sound

Monster Hunter World is available on all PS4 & Xbox One consoles. Depending on what console you own, you can enjoy either HD or 4K resolution.

Whatever the case, both look fairly similar and beautiful at the same time. Consoles will never be the same level as PC gaming but it still adds up for a great experience.

Above Video: Graphics Comparison PS4 VS PS4 Pro. 

Enjoy Hunting Monsters!

I hope you guy’s enjoyed today’s article! if you’d like to know more you can either:

A) Buy the game.


B) Watch more videos!

But from the sound of things, it has received some very good reception averaging a 9/10 from most reviewing sites.

Also, you may have noticed on reviews and below this article there is a new ‘Star Rating System’. This is anonymous and just provides me with some feedback, so if you would like to rate our article or give your opinion on games you can submit your thoughts with the star system!

Other than that, take care guy’s and have a great day!




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