My Friend Keeps Talking On The Phone – Hushme (Bane Mask?)

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Have an annoying friend or family member that you wish would just be quiet for one second?

Well the good news is your nightmare may now have a solution… and that is from a product known as Hushme.

Sound Proof Mouth Piece?

Hushme is a crowd funded project which has recently received it’s funding of $70,000. The premise is that you are given this wearable mouth piece:

Hushme is a clip on, sound proof mask never seen before...

(which kind of looks like a bane mask)

When you receive a call, you pick up the mouth piece place it around your mouth, clicking the two straps together. Once strapped in, the technology used in the Hushme product transfers the sound and dampens it.

Above Video: ‘Hushme’ how it works. 

It’s quite a bizarre kind of technology, which reminds me of putting my head in a pillow and trying to talk. To be honest I’m not sure who would wear this out in public, and should’ve been marketed towards gaming and cosplay niches in my opinion.

Going Under The Radar

The gaming niche, in particular for kids and teenagers for one or more reasons:

  1. Everyone gets frustrated when they are not winning, particularly if you are the competitive type. So instead of blasting the house down with screaming and swearing, you could wear this mouth piece. Blocking out the sound and promoting that tranquility everyone deserves.
  2. Can stay up late at night talking to your friends (or that special someone *wink…) and not even your mother would be able to question your sunken eyes the next day.
  3. Secret agents/Army Personal could find these useful, whilst having to stay quiet in tense situations. Perhaps a smaller build..?
  4. It would be funny giving it to someone who you know talks a lot, as a present. Strap it around their face and away they go.

This could be revolutionary if aimed at the right people. It’s a bit of a strange and wonderful fashion accessory but I guess it’d be good for grabbing people’s attention.

However, if you don’t want to be an inconvenience to anyone whilst out in public or have them listening in on private conversations, then I think texting is still the way to go.

Only time will tell though, with its production still in the early stages of hitting mainstream exposure. Who knows we could be in for quite the surprise…

Where Is The Batman

Do you think this technology is a winner? let me know your thoughts down below.

Have a great day guy’s and take care!






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4 Replies to “My Friend Keeps Talking On The Phone – Hushme (Bane Mask?)

  1. I can see both your points, Jeremy. Because you are right, I couldn’t see people wearing it when talking to somebody in the middle of the street. I’m still to get used to people who seem like talking to themselves when in fact they are talking on the phone through an ear piece! But I can see potential use to this device too. Do you know if it has been distributed for retail yet?

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