No Man Sky Updates – Atlas Rises 1.3

no mans sky atlas rises update

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2016 was the year of the hyped game and whilst many of them were well-received, there was one which caught a huge amount of backlash…

No Mans Sky.

A game so underwhelming that it wasn’t even finished… (5/10 IGN)

However, despite all the negative criticism, the developers at ‘Hello Games’ kept working and promised to deliver what would be a big step in the right direction.

The Update That Has Improved A Lot – Atlas Rises

The Atlas Rises update was released back in August of this year and comes with a large amount of new content, which may make you reconsider brushing off that dusty game case.

This is the largest update yet and although everything is not completely fixed, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

The update includes improvements in the following area’s:

  • New Story – adds 30 hours of new content, a quest system, double the lore, a new race and a branching narrative system. The developers also provided a brief summary of what you can expect “Discover the truth behind the Abandoned Building logs, the World of Glass, the Sentinels, the Redemption of the Gek, and the meaning of sixteen…”

Brings about new mysteries and ending to the game

  • Galactic Regeneration – adds wealth, economy and conflict levels to star systems. Also, provides a completely overhauled galaxy map, to help improve navigation. In addition, way pointing allows you to see your journey from beginning to end.

Better navigation of stars, with improved user interface

  • New Worlds – More variety and visual quality of planet biomes. Planets become more ‘exotic’ and unique looking, the closer you get to the center.

New Biomes, include different animals and vegetation

  • Vehicles – In addition, to the ‘Dune Buggy’s’ in the ‘Path Finder Update’, there are now new ships to be purchased. With more expensive and rare ones to be found.

Vehicles can be bought off other NPC's

  • Multiplayer – Perhaps the most requested feature. The good news is that it’s here! in a way… You’ll be able to see, talk (via, in-game voice-chat) and explore with other players but that’s it. You won’t be able to see a character except a ‘blue orb’, so improvement is needed.

Other players are represented by 'blue orbs'

  • Mission System – missions can be taken from different NPC factions, to receive rewards and improve standings. This helps tie in with the new NPC guild system, which allows players to obtain better rewards. Missions range from combat to exploration and scanning.

Missions can be found at space stations.

  • Space Combat – Enemy AI has been revamped, offering new difficulties to challenge players. Ship maneuverability has been improved, rockets have been attached to ships and a communicator allows players hail other NPC ships.

Improved space combat, allows players to lock on to enemy ships

  • Other Improvements – include visual HD & 4K textures, low flight mode, improved interface, teleportation & portals, terrain editing.

I have to commend Hello Games for sticking by this game and not giving up. I played it recently prior to writing, and I have to say that this update makes a huge difference! it was almost like a completely new experience…

Combine that with it’s previous updates like base building, trading and land vehicles and you get a game which is fun and immensely more enjoyable to when it was at launch.

If they keep these free updates going, then I think we are in for a treat.

Above Video: No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises Update Trailer. 

Take To The Skies

Thanks for reading guy’s and Merry Christmas!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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6 Replies to “No Man Sky Updates – Atlas Rises 1.3

  1. It looks like they put some time and effort into the updates. I have to admit compared to some of the old school games like Doom and Wolfenstein I used to play when they first came out, this is probably heads above those. I’m sure my son would be all over this or not depending how well it’s fared on this ever changing niche. Honestly, I’ll stick with my old games but would be willing to at least see it this update did the game justice especially considering the unveiling initially was somewhat dismal.

    1. Yeah that’s exactly right David. The game is rather cheap now but if you don’t currently own it I probably wouldn’t recommend buying it for now. What I suggest would be to wait till next year and see if it is significantly updated.

      Games aren’t the same as they used to be in terms of quality, I guess most developers have lost some of that passion. However, hopefully next year will be better.

      Take care and Merry Christmas mate!

  2. Excellent. I was a big fan of the Mass Effect series several years ago mainly because of the ability to explore worlds, star systems, and quest for NPC’s in return for further quests and items. From your descriptions above and also from the trailer you posted it looks like No Man’s Sky has some similar qualities that I would enjoy. Thanks for the heads up on the updates.

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