PlayStation Plus February Games – Leak Is Fake!

PlayStation-Plus-PS-Plus-free-games-PS4 Leak February

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Get ready PlayStation Plus members because we’ve had some spicy leaks….

What kind of leaks you ask? Well February free game leaks! unfortunately you can keep the excitement down for the time being, as the what would’ve been games are fake.

According to a reddit user by the name of Phoenix_Gaming1 who created the alleged leak, stated “I made this as a joke on Facebook and someone put this on Reddit and it spread like wildfire my intent was to just have fun and fool a few people on Facebook but now this has gone way out of hand and I have seen quite a few comments on articles where people actually think this is real and I’m worried that people will look at an article and not read it and just see the image and get excited thinking it’s real.”

The image was apparently photo shopped and made believable with two well-known titles being at its forefront:

PlayStation-Plus-PS-Plus-free-games-PS4 Leak February

As you can see from the cover it’s rather well done, showcasing the big names. Dark Souls 2 and FarCry 4.

I was hoping that these leaks were real, as I desperately wanted these games but who knows maybe the executives at Sony Entertainment will see this and provide the ‘goods’. These titles are undoubtedly high in demand, and a fan favourite among gamers.

Dark Souls 2 is a ruthless game and best known for it’s extreme difficulties. With countless boss fights and challenging enemies, there is every reason to experience this “death simulator”. Basically the story revolves around an undead human, cursed to never die. To break the curse you must travel to a kingdom in search of the King and defeat him.

Above Video: Dark Souls 2: Scholar Of The First Sin, IGN Review.

In FarCry 4 you travel to Kyrat, a fictional war torn country land in the Himalayas. You play as Ajay Ghale, a man who goes back to his mothers homeland to spread her ashes, except things take an unexpected turn.

Antagonist “Pagan Min” rules the country and brings oppression among it’s people. You are thus forced to side with the “Golden Path”, a rebel group focused on bringing peace among the land.

There is also a multiplayer mode available, which features unique game modes as well as the ability to create your own maps and scenarios.

Above Video: FarCry 4, IGN Review.

More Details To Come

Thanks for reading guy’s! I will update the article as soon as there is more information about the upcoming games!

Take care and have a great day:)


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6 Replies to “PlayStation Plus February Games – Leak Is Fake!

  1. Boo hoo! leak stories are always so great. I remember that one time when someone stole a Breaking Bad script from Bryan Cranston’s car. The world freaked out and wanted to read it…it’s amazing how impatient we all are 🙂

  2. Hi, Jeremy,

    The game that got my attention here is Dark Souls 2. The description explains that it is known for it’s difficulties. You read my article on improving brain power and what I didn’t know until did the research is that games like this can really challenge your mind thus improving cognitive brain function.


    1. Games actually help improve many cognitive processes, this is why you see military and rehabilitation services beginning to utilise them. The science behind it, is very interesting

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