Pokemon Go – Is It Worth A Revisit? (IOS, Android)

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Pokemon Go was a beautifully flawed trend which lasted the entirety of its worth. At the time of its release (July 2016) many features promised by developers where left out. Leaving IPhone and Android users to become the most basic of Pokemon trainers.

Niantic (developers) created an augmented reality never seen before on mobile devices; we’d be able to live out our Pokemon fantasies, quit our jobs and become full time Pokemon trainers… Or so we thought.

On the surface the initial release provided that sense of nostalgia but as you spent more time with it, that feeling quickly began to fade.

The developers kept churning out updates despite this and have improved the game immensely.

But is it enough? Let’s find out.

Bigger Pokedex And Better Battles – Features

With the game being out for more than a year now a lot has changed and for the better. Upon logging back into my account I noticed that everything from the Pokedex, to the interface speed and battles had changed drastically.

No more long waiting times and crashes whilst trying to load the app (thank the decline in players) or boring interactions with gym battles (although not GameFreak standards).

Since deleting it a week after its release, the game felt like a breath of fresh air…

Enhanced Pokedex – The new updates to the game now feature 3 generations of Pokemon including those from the Johto and Hoenn regions. All together you can enjoy catching around 382 Pokemon (including Legendaries). (note Generation 3 will be coming at a later update) (source) For me personally this encouraged more engagement with the game as I wanted to discoverWho’s That Pokemon:

Youtube: Pewdiepie ‘Who’s That Pokemon’.


Interface Speed – Remember when you had to use a special tactic that only you devised so that you could load into the game. Well now you can swipe that off your book of tech qualifications because the servers are now slicker and faster than ever. Obviously if you have a slower mobile or WiFi network this will vary but for review purposes I timed my phone in at 10.52 seconds.

The location tracking is also responsive and tracks your position accordingly. (you may still experience weird avatar float offs when you exit and re-enter the game.)

Loading screens have improved dramatically since launch!

Dodging Hits In Battles – Another big improvement is made in both Gym battles and Raids.

Gym Battles: feature a new motivation system where balance issues are fixed. No longer can players hold a gym with their strongest Pokemon and never tend to its needs. Pokemon now become weaker as time goes on, so you will have to regularly tend to their needs. There is also the new gym badge system which allows players to earn up to 8 badges like in the original games.

Raids: Involve taking on a raid boss with a party of players, for example Mew Two. This was quite enjoyable, as you all work together in order to take down a super high leveled Pokemon. As a reward you get plenty of candy, rewards to upgrade your Pokemon with and bosses to obtain.

Combat has been fully revamped, allowing for more player control. Tapping of the screen is still there but variety has been placed in the mix, with the ability to now dodge incoming attacks. I was moving my Pokemon all around the battle area (circle rotating motion) and it was a good change to see.

Above Video: Pokemon Go Raid Battle.

Other features which had been added are the ‘Buddy System’ which is essentially assigning a Pokemon to walk around with you and earn more of its specific candy to help level it up.


A trading system which was implemented last year and allows trainers to transfer Pokemon between each other, to earn experience quickly.

Sweet Beautiful Looking Trainer – Graphics And Sound

In terms of graphics the game is still equally beautiful as it was at launch. Sound is top-notch, with synthetic Pokemon adventure music in the background whilst you play the game.

No complaints here but no improvements either, except for some interface design and art updates.

Will You Continue Your Journey?

Pokemon Go has improved in nearly every single way. It has taken the right steps towards what we’ve always wanted but still falls short for me in terms of ongoing content.

I think for the game to drastically improve it needs to implement a turned based battle system seen in the original games as well as the ability to see other trainers on the map and battle them. In addition, there should be a leader board system indicating this and representing the best trainer/s in the local area, state or country.

You can verse friends in PVP but the ability to battle strangers would be a nice addition.

Therefore my cheap rating is a 7/10. It’s free to download off the app/android store! (please be aware microtransactions are also available for purchase)

What are your thoughts? will you give this game another go? leave a comment down below.

Have a great day guy’s and as always take care!







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4 Replies to “Pokemon Go – Is It Worth A Revisit? (IOS, Android)

  1. Love Pokemon Go I played it for a good 4 months when the craze was strong but I am not a fan of the new Pokemon that was the problem I think.



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