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Do you remember watching the old Pokemon as a kid on TV? The theme music would come on and you’d just start singing with your friends and siblings ‘you know it’s my destiny… Pokemon!’. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu would appear for the first time and you just instantly knew that they were going to be an iconic duo.

The games on the old game boy colors complimented that of the TV series with the likes of classics such as Pokemon Silver and Gold. It gave us the power to be our own trainers and ‘catch em all’. GameFreak made every Pokemon fanboy’s dream come true… but that feeling began to die off towards the end of the Nintendo DS era.

We thought that our beloved series could not get anymore innovative until Pokemon Sun and Moon came along… it brought the franchise back to life! and got Pokemon fans something to be excited about again. It’s also getting an Ultra release on the 17th of November which will feature all new Pokemon, moves, areas and an extended story line.


Let’s Catch Em All!! – Narrative

Pokemon Sun and Moon has a similar initial story line as that of its predecessors. You pick a character which you customize and then are thrown into the world of Pokemon. Same same right? well.. Kind of, in Pokemon Sun and Moon you are placed into the Alola region which is broken up into four islands.

Your task is to explore these islands and stop rival gang ‘Team Skull’ from dominating the Pokemon in the Alola region. You do this by defeating there leader and grunts whilst helping keep your allies safe. The stories pretty predictable in this sense but it changes up through the ‘Totem Challenges’.

No longer will you face gym leaders in order to gain one of eight medals. Instead, you undertake Totem trials. Totem trials are essentially gym battles except you will be fighting wild Pokemon of a certain level and type in order to obtain an island totem. These totems are how you progress in the game and allow you to unlock stronger areas and new islands. There are two challenges to complete per island.

In addition to this there are Island Kahuna’s which are basically the strongest trainer on each of the four islands. They are given the task of protecting the island from Team Skull and will provide you with tips that will help you along the way.

For me the story took 30 hours to complete and felt quite easy and predictable, you could tell when something was about to turn sideways which would break the immersion, however that could be different for someone who hasn’t experienced a Pokemon game before.

Above Video: Highlights snippets of the Story and Trials in the game. 

Pokemon So Much Pokemon… – Content and Mechanics

The Pokemon roster is large in this game and totals a whopping 300! That’s not including the 100 new Pokemon that will be released if you get the Ultra version. There are plenty of new and old Pokemon to catch with lots of varies within each given status type. Except for water type Pokemon which felt a bit boring to me due to all the new additions looking very similar.

If you aren’t out catching Pokemon there is plenty of other things to do, like trading, exploring, battling, grooming your Pokemon, entering contests or outfitting your character:

  • You can trade either with NPC’s or Online through the new and improved social hub which can be accessed easily through the menu options. Here your character will be teleported to a circus fair which serves as the gateway to battling or trading with other players online. It’s a cool feature and lets you interact with other players who randomly visit your online area. You can also upgrade this area by talking to other players or earning BP through battling.

Above Video: Youtube ‘GalaticElliot’ Online Trading And Battles. 

  • There are secret areas to find and explore around the Alola region with legendary items and Pokemon to obtain. The four islands are varied enough to showcase different ‘Hawaii like’ features, from dominating volcanoes to bustling tropical forests, with legendaries representing each island. These are also expanded with the new version coming out in November.

Aloha Pokemon Region

Above: Alola Region

  • Battling for me is by far the greatest transition that the game has made, with battles being life like in the sense that they nearly mimic that of the TV series. 3D dynamic battles, allow Pokemon to move around and perform some amazing cinematic moves and abilities. ‘Z moves’ are one of those abilities which give Pokemon a powerful move that can only be used once per battle. There is also the new introduction of four way Battle Royals and co-op battles that you can compete in online or local against NPCs with a friend, allowing for countless end game hours to be had.

Above Video: Battle Royal Gameplay.

  • Grooming known as ‘Pokemon Refresh’ is also a new added feature. Pokemon Refresh is important in order to evolve certain types, placing extra emphasis on looking after your Pokemon. This made me care about training and feeding some of my Pokemon so I could acquire there strongest versions.
  • Contests are very similar to previous titles where you have your ‘Poke Beauty’ contests and ‘Battle Tents’. Battles are probably more interesting however, with the introduction of the battle tree and four player battles. The battle tree is like the Elite Four except it’s a separate activity that you can play with a friend. It can be very difficult and provides a great challenge for end game players. I have not beaten it to this day…

Above Video: Pokemon Refresh new mechanic.

Shiny Pokemon – Graphics And Sound

Graphics are fantastic on the 3DS and provide a very much-needed upgrade for the long-running title. Grass is dynamic and moves in the wind during battles or when your character is walking through.

Character models and cutscences look incredible with detailed textures and lighting. The Pokemon are equally captivating with 3D HD renders and buffs, making them look sturdy and life-like.

The music and sound is also tranquilizing, with beautiful hypnotic symphonies and battle music which gets you pumped and excited for an upcoming battle. It made me feel like I was a kid again watching the TV series, which was a big step up from previous Pokemon titles.

Above Video: Evolution of Pokemon Games by ‘ClickSelekt’

Your Pokemon Journey Is About To Begin

You’ll have a lot of fun if you’re new to the series or a veteran. Pokemon Sun and Moon is an outstanding transformation of the formula, with battling being a large focal point. The story line was a bit underwhelming but it is still solid in the sense for what it offers.

Therefore, my cheap rating is a 9/10. I had a lot of fun with this game and you’ll not be disappointed with the value that’s on offer here.

Links for the cheapest place to buy on Amazon will be down below.

Hope you guy’s enjoyed this review.

Let me know in the comment section, who’s your favourite Pokemon?

Take care and have a great day!



Links to purchase the original or pre-order Ultra version.

Above Video: Best.  Song.  Ever.


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6 Replies to “Pokemon Sun And Moon Review – GO PIKACHU I CHOOSE YOU!

  1. This review took me way back. Although, I still play Poke’mon occasionally on my phone and PC. So much information here, I’m pretty excited to see what else you have in store for us!

    1. Thanks John! Glad you enjoyed the review. Same mate! Pokemon is just an awesome game with so much replay ability.

      I post something exciting everyday so stay tuned..

      Thanks for reading John!

  2. Going to check out this game now. Is it only on 3DS? Favorite Pokemon has to be Eevee. She has really good evolutions.

    1. Hey Marco, yes the game is only on 3DS unfortunately, but you can buy them 2nd hand pretty cheap now!

      Nice choice, Eevee has a lot of variety and can be very strong when trained well.

      Have a good day Marco!

  3. This brings back so many memories.. Pokemon was so popular back when I was a kid.

    The graphics on the new games are so surreal.

    I still remember how things looked on the Gameboy color lol. Watching that evolution of graphics video is really eye-opening!

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