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Hey guy’s sorry I haven’t posted for a couple of days, I’ve been away in need of some ‘soul-searching’.


I’m back now and with a big set of news regarding the free monthly PlayStation Plus games.

I think you’ll find that I’m quite confident in saying, that this is perhaps the best lineup of free games I have seen since the service launched way back in 2013. With the introduction of one highly regarded ‘Dark Souls’ spin off and another glorious revamped classic, which is sure to pull heads and gather new fans.

If you have a PlayStation Plus Subscription you’ll be able to download, keep and play these games at no extra charge. (As long as your subscription is active).

Tell Us The Big Names

  • Bloodborne PS4

Description (From Metacritic):

Bloodborne is an action RPG, the streets of an ancient world are cursed with a strange epidemic illness, which is spreading like a disease.

Death and madness infest this dark world, and you’re tasked too uncover its secrets, which will be necessary for you to survive.

Armed with a singular arsenal of weaponry, including guns and saw cleavers, you’ll require wits, strategy and reflexes to dispatch the agile and intelligent enemies that guard the city’s underbelly.

Rating: 92% Metacritic.

Genre: Action-RPG

Developer: FromSoftware

Personal Opinion: I have not played the game yet but I am always tempted to pick it up and give it a go. Now that it’s made free this month, it will give me a prime opportunity.

Bloodborne is apparently very challenging, so just know that you will die, A LOT.


  • Rachet & Clank PS4

Description (From Metacritic): Join Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark and new friends as they battle to save the Solana Galaxy from the evil Chairman Drek.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4) takes a deeper look at the characters’ origin stories and modernizes the original game play.

Explore the galaxy in a game that features new planets, new and updated game play segments, all-new bosses, all-new Clank game play, all-new flight sequences, and much more; with completely new visuals built to demonstrate the power of the PS4.

Battle your enemies with an out-of-this-world arsenal, including new weapons and fan-favorite tools of destruction from the Ratchet & Clank Future series. From the brand new Pixelizer (which transforms enemies into explosive 8-bit pixels) to franchise favorites like the dance-party-inducing Groovitron and wise-cracking robotic bodyguard Mr. Zurkon, Ratchet & Clank’s arsenal has never been better.

Rating: 85% Metacritic.

Genre: Action, Platformer, 3D.

Developer: Insomniac Games.

Personal Opinion: For someone who had never played the very first game of the Rachet & Clank series on PS2, I can certainly say that I will be downloading this bad boy.

I fondly remember playing the later games of the series and just being engrossed with the world, it’s characters and multiplayer…

The multiplayer was the icing on the cake for the series, with fun co-op base defending and attacking. It was both addicting and a big part of what made the game memorable for me.


The Other Games On Offer

Now if you own a PS Vita or PS3, then let it be know that you won’t be missing out either!

I have personally not played any of these games but have heard of them in the past and they sound quite decent as well.


PS Vita

  • Claire: Extended Cut (no review)
  • Bombing Busters (no review)

Rachet Up!

I hope you have a ton of fun playing this month’s games!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Take care and have a great day!




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