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We’ve all been through that racing car phase when we were kids and it’s no joke that your kids are probably exactly the same, but with the world that we live in today and the rapid advancements in gaming consoles and technology it can be hard to get a kid to play with toy cars on his birthday when he has the potential to drive his dream car virtually. Therefore, I saved you the trouble of having to scour the internet and compiled a very neat list of racing car games that I highly recommend for your child.

What Makes A Good Racing Car Game – The Three Main Principles

Now when I talk about a good racing game I have three main principles that I like to call the ‘cake’:

1 – Graphics and Sound (The icing on the cake) : You know when you see a top-notch cake and you instantly associate it with tasting really exquisite even though you haven’t had a slice yet, well when I visually see or feel the sound being transmitted into my brain, I’m instantly drawn and more immersed by what the racing game has to offer and to me it’s the first good or bad sign of what’s to come.

2- Content and World Building (The slice towards the center): Now this includes the car roster, locations/location, multiplayer, customization, races/game modes and main story (if there is one) and it basically involves the freedom and what the player can do in the world as well as if there’s enough content to keep the kid or person interested.

3- The mechanics (Taking a bite of the cake): The meat of the cake, this is where tasting and immersion all come together and it outlines how cars feel and handle in terms of ease of use and variety. It also involves how efficient the game runs and if the game crashes a lot.

It may seem like a lot to take in but rather than just tell you what racing car games you should get for your kid I thought it’d be helpful to explain so you can make that decision for yourself later if you ever watch video’s or play new racing car games with your kids, because gaming is a social and entertaining experience that is to be enjoyed with everyone and anyone.

Comparing the games – So what’s the difference?

Well it entirely depends on what your child is into and this can be broken down into two categories: racing for fun and racing simulators.

Racing for fun are games which are more arcade like and will appeal to the majority of kids and teenagers. These include:

Mario Kart 8/ Deluxe (2014) (Nintendo Switch, WII U) – With a metacritic rating of 9.2/10, Mario kart 8 is a wonderful addition and improvement to the formula. Including 32 varied races from old to new, 16 DLC maps, interesting characters, 4 players couch co-op and up to 12 players online it’s a must buy racing game for kids owning a Nintendo switch and WII U.

-Mario 7 (2011) (3DS) – This is one of my personal handheld favorites and perhaps one of the best games on the 3DS. It has a metacritic score of 8.5/10 and should be a must buy for any kid who has a 3DS and is into fun racing games. Much like Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart 7 has impressive visuals, a good variety of 16 characters, a combination of 32 old and new maps and is easy to use with customization and user-friendly controls.

 Forza Horizon 3 (2016) (Xbox One) (PC) – Set in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia and with an overall metacritic rating of 9.1/10. Forza Horizon 3 is an open world racing game with street races, off road rallies, amazing atmosphere and a large variety of American muscle cars to lavish sports cars. Also includes a focus on rpg like progression system which your kid will find a lot of reasons to keep playing.

Need for Speed (2015) (PS4)(Xbox One) (PC)  I chose this game because at the moment there aren’t really that many racing for fun games out there for the ps4 but with a metacritic score of 6.6/10, there is some fun to be found in Need for Speed (2015). With a deep car customization system, a solid story and a lot of races to delve into it’s definitely worth a buy at the low price it’s at now.

This next list include the racing simulators which in all honesty are for kids and teenagers who want that real raw and realistic racing experience (note: can be quite the challenge):

Project Cars 2 (2017) (PS4, Xbox One, PC) (Wheel and Pedals recommended) – A recent release Project Cars 2 has a metacritic score of 8.6/10 and delivers a technically beautiful world with equally good driving mechanics. Deep and realistic car tweaking and customization are the crux of the game and cars will need to be tuned up before every race to maximize the cars performance. There is no open world only straight professional racing, there is also an online mode. I would only recommend getting this for your child if they are a huge fan or have a passion for racing and like to have a realistic challenge.

– Dirt 4 (2017) (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – With a metacritic score of 8.4/10, Dirt 4 pits players on the toughest roads and circuits on the planet; through rally, rally cross and land rush game modes. There is also a cool innovative rally route creation mode which lets players create their own rallies and share it with friends for them to race on. Dirt 4 has 5 rally locations which contain millions of routes, a career mode and a damage and repair mechanic where wear and tear can be seen on your cars after a certain period. It’s a great game and highly recommended.

Forza Motorsports 6 (Xbox One, PC) Forza Mortorsports 6 is visually stunning at 1080p and 60 frames per second it is the pinnacle franchise for the Xbox One. With over 400 cars to race and collect, 24 player online races, 26 world-famous locations, a career mode and 2 player split screen this one is definitely worth a try! It’s even free on the windows 10 store on PC!


Now Go, Have Fun and Race

There is not much really left for me to say except enjoy, have fun, God bless and I hope this post helped you purchase your kids favourite racing car game!

Have you played any of these games?  what did you think about the review? Tell me in the comment section below or on my email:


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