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Watching your favourite streamer can be inspirational.

You see that they are well off and making a living, doing what many people deem to be the “dream job”… Playing video games.

Its no lie that gaming is perhaps one of the biggest internet streaming attractions in the world. With YouTube’s biggest creator ‘Pewdiepie’ at its forefront.

In any case, if you’ve been thinking about recording gameplay on PC but don’t have the money to do so. Then theirs good news, you’re not out of luck yet…

Plays TV is your next best option

There is a lot of recording software out there; programs such as NVIDIA Shadow Play and capture cards allow users to stream or record gameplay in HD (high definition).

However, these services can sometimes be frustrating and expensive, making what would seem like a simple process in the beginning, turn into something uninspiring.

Worse yet some free services aren’t actually ‘free’, having limits set to what resolution you can record in or daily amounts enforced on how much you can record unless you pay a premium fee.

I have found myself stuck in this situation many times before. I would lose motivation and ultimately stop recording because the freedom given to me was very restricted.

All hope was lost I would tell myself, I’m a teenager who is on a strict budget but really wanted to create and record my own videos.

That’s when I discovered ‘Plays TV’. A completely free recording software, which allows users to record gameplay in full HD resolution.

Built For A Community – Features

Plays TV features a deep customizable interface, which is both simple and easy to understand at the same time.

When you first download the client, you will be required to make an account and set-up your preferred settings. (This can be changed anytime by clicking a ‘gear’ in the top left hand side of the application).

Initially the settings, (if you opt for a quick and easy installation) will look something like this:

Essentially if you keep these settings, game play will be recorded:

  • Resolution – at 720P HD (you can change this to 1080P HD).
  • Bitrate – 10Mb/s (but can be moved up to 50Mb/s depedning on personal preference).
  • Webcam – disabled (you have the option to turn it on and place it in a certain corner of the screen).
  • Company Watermark – will be enabled (you can turn it off).
  • Recordings – Will be set as automatic, so when you jump into a game it will automatically detect and begin recording your session. You can change this to manual.
  • Audio – Can be adjusted for both in-game and your voice.
  • Storage – is marked at 10GB but you can up it to what you like in the ‘advanced settings’
  • FPS (frames per second) – Can be set from 15, 30 or 60. Allowing for smooth or performance focused recordings.

Once you make your first gameplay recordings, you can then find it in the toolbar to the left.

It also has an in-built editing and ‘create a clip’ system which allows users to bookmark and chop their favourite clips and share them with the rest of the community on Plays TV or upload them to YouTube.

I created this short Esports promotional video using the software and CSGO’s editing system:

As you can see it works rather well and it’s completely free! Which brings me onto my next point…

 Does It Affect Game Performance?

I haven’t run into any major problems, due to the application not needing to be open in order to record gameplay.

In saying that, I have experienced some frame rate drops whilst in-game, and voice stutters but for the value it offers I’m not complaining… As this can be easily fixed, by lowering the resolution settings or frame rate recording.

This however, will obviously differ between various PC operating systems. Less powerful PC’s will fare better with lower settings and higher end PC’s with high or low settings.

Keep The Dream Alive

I highly recommend you give this program a go!

It’s free and offers professional grade video game recordings. It’s a MUST HAVE in my opinion, and should be commended for it’s simple to use interface and freedom.

You can download the Program here.

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  1. Super cool that you found another free alternative for gaming, because this hobby can be so absurdly priced. There are so many people who love gaming but don’t have the money for all the subscriptions and additional software. thanks again for making it doable!

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